2020-11-17 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.09 - SPUnlock for most SPD/UniSoc

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed : FlashCore protocol updated

Changed : NVM manager updated. Recovery mode rebuild

Firmware reader
Changed : SPRD Android 4.x line minor changes
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : New types supported (Android 9/10)

New Feature: SP (Network) Unlock activated !
- Support Legacy SPRD phones on SC7715/SC7731/SC9820/SC9832/SC9850
- Support modern UniSoc phones on SC9820e/SC7731e/SC9832e/SC9850/SC9853i/SC9863
- Support unlock in FlashMode ( ! recommended way, permanent )
- Support unlock in DiagMode ( ! may relock in some certain cases )
- Support unlock for signed and unsigned devices
-- Unsigned/Legacy devices supported standalone without server
-- Modern devices require server support
Test reports and free unlock for testers are HERE
Changed : NVM manager updated ( Read/Write process revised )

- Setting tab activated
-- Allow setup user details to use remote/server functions
-- Allow select Firmware path
- Changed default paths for different operations
- Minor changes and fixes

Models tested standalone - free, no need server:
Blu C4
Bmobile AX1077+
Bmobile AX1078
Bold T5+
Bolt (Blu) T5 T0040TT sc9832e
Bolt (Blu) T5 T0050TT 2sim Tigo sc9832e
Bolt (Blu) T5+ T0060TT 2sim Tigo sc9832e
Bolt (Blu) T5+ T0070TT 1sim Tigo sc9832e
GoMobile 1452
Hisense U963
Itel A23s
Mobicel Pulse-1
Mobicel Rio SS
Mobicel Ruby
Mobicel Star
Movitel M8416
Safariom Neon Ray Pro
Tecno RB6S (SU335)
Tecno SA2S
Tigo T-Smart 4G sp9820e

Models tested via server:
Digicel DL3
Itel A14
Hisense U963 HLTE100E
Hisense U963 HLTE100E ANdroid 10 (change RS to SS in settings before process)
Hisense U40
Android 10
Itel A23R [Itel A23 Jio]
Mobicel Beam
Mobicel Glo
Mobicel Rio SS
N-C1 TA-1165
Safaricom Neon Ray
Tecno SC7S
Vodacom Kicka-4-VE
ZTE Blade L130
ZTE Blade A3 2019
ZTE Aspire A3 2019
ZTE Aspire A5
ZTE A3 2020 Claro

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