2020-06-14 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 RKT/Rockchip v2.02 - New chips and latest Android support

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

BugFix : Connection stack updated
BugFix : Compatibility with latest drivers releases
Changed : Core rebuild for support modern SoC's and old SoC's revisions with Fuse/SecureBoot support

Support RK29xx series ( NAND )
Support RK30xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RK31xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RK32xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RK33xx series ( NAND, eMMC )
Support RKPX5 series ( NAND, eMMC )

Changed : Identify procedure rebuild. Complete info reading and parameters detection
!*If Identify CAN NOT display SWVersion details it may means device can not be serviced for FWRead operations
Changed : FRP reset revised to support latest Android versions and Modern SoCs
Changed : FS format revised to support latest Android versions and Modern SoCs

Firmware flasher
New Feature : Modern RK UnionImage flashing supported
New Feature : Combined Sparse image flashing supported
New Feature : Repartition for RK-PARA and RK-GPT supported
New Feature : Factory (UnionImage) Firmware flashing for latest Rockchip SoCs versions/revisions
Changed : Support Infinity Firmware Flashing ( Old and Modern SoCs revisions )

Firmware Reader
New Feature : Android 7 devices supported
New Feature : Android 8 devices supported
New Feature : Android 9 devices supported
Unique : Firmware read allow read FW from "unreadable" Android 8/9 devices
!*Feature support eMMC and NAND devices which can not be dumped by any tools over native protocol ( No Root / ADB need )
!*Feature support some "slow" NAND cases on modern SoC's
!*Feature may not work on some NAND devices with FTL/ECC errors and Flash Faults
Changed : Improved structure identification
Changed : Support more different types

BugFix : Minor changes and bugfixes
Drivers : New driver package with Win8/Win10 x86/x84 are at support area
Info : SW may work not correct in some cases with RK29xx and RK31xx OLD NAND 4.x devices
Info : New driver installation is REQUIRED for correct work !

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