What is Infinity Online Service (IOS) and Infinity Credits
How to Sign In to Infinity Online Service (IOS)
How to use Infinity Credits for software activation
Information for Resellers and Server API

What is Infinity Online Service (IOS) and Infinity Credits

Infinity Online Service (IOS) is a web site that helps you get more software and services in one place:

  • Free and paid features available
  • Activate more Infinity software for your Infinity Smart-Card
  • Activate more other software for your Infinity Smart-Card
  • Support renew for Infinity products
  • Support renew for many other products
  • Credits, Logs, Unlock services, Activation codes
  • Unlock services
  • Unlock codes for many different models
  • Network/Operator/SIMLock/Warranty status check
  • Factory iPhone unlock. After unlock you can use any Network Operator SIM card
  • Gift cards, Activation codes etc.
  • Sell software activations, credits, logs and other products to other users - become a Reseller fast and without big investments

Software activation advantages:

  • One Smart-Card Dongle may contain many independent software products at the same time
  • Fast online software activation
  • Instant software delivery
  • Zero delivery cost
  • Secure activation process
  • The same features and support as original products

Infinity Credits is some kind of universal so called logs that you can use to order different products and services at Infinity Online Service (IOS)

You can order Infinity Credits from any Reseller. To make an order you should provide to seller your IOS Username

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