Infrastructure & Security
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Supported GSM models - Infinity Box/Dongle package
Supported CDMA models - Infinity Box/Dongle package

     As the name suggests Infinity-Box is your key to the infinite opportunties that the mobile phone software busienss has to offer in the future. With the rapid growth of Mobile Phone business and new models coming up almost every week your business needs a tool to stay upto date with the market demand. We at Infinity-Box strive to give you that key advantage over your competitors. We are in this business already 15 years (2005-2020) and we are here to make big and serious work.

You can see real test reports of users and see how is software works. Here you can see user's feedbacks: Year 2007Year 2008/1Year 2008/2Year 2008/3Year 2008/4Year 2010Years 2007-2020

Infrastructure & Security

-  Infinity-Box is supported by very expirenced programers working in this field for more than 15 (fifteen) years furthermore with a very strong financial backing we have heavily invested to make the best use of current technology.
-  To insure your investment is secure we have used the best technology to protected software: Smart-Card protection with online firmware upgrade.
-  Smart-Card based protection system was developed by leading developers in this field
-  Online firmware upgrade system modify Smart-Card content easy, securely and fast
-  Smart-Card used also for Support Area access

Try before buy

-  You can try Demo access to Support Area to see available software, updates, flash files etc.
-  See software screenshots

Supported GSM models - Infinity Box/Dongle package

2E: F534L MT6739
2Look: FabioE-mz706 MT6582
A-Bell: Atom-S1
A-ZED: Z62
Accent: Cameleon-C6, Nubia-50K sp7731ef
Accord: A19
Ace: AF0218 SC6531E, Buzz-2-Plus, H1, M12, Suzuka, Urban-1 MT6739, Urban-1810, Z9
Ace-Mobile: M12
AceLite: L3
Acer: A3-A40, Liquid-E380, Liquid-Z200, Liquid-Z530, Z150, Z160, Z200, Z2500, Z500, Z530
Advan: I5C, S35D, S45M, S4K, S7A, T1G
Afone: H880
AG: Spark
Agtel: 005, 5130, Leader
Aiko: 17G, 51G, 52G, 70w, 78G, 97G
Aino: F69, F89
Aio: N97
Airam: M342
Aircel: 311, 411, 422, 466, G240, G301
AirFone: AF111
Airgold: V220
Airness: Air99, MK99, Slide99
Airphone: N4, No4
Airtel: Avvio-G200, Cordless_FGD8900, FGD9000, Pacetel-Cordless-L900, Telular
Aitel: IT2020
Ajanta: A1800, A1900, A2100, A3000, A4200, A5000, A52, Quartz
AK-Mobile: AK760i, AK900
Aktiv: A120
Alcatel: 090, 103A, 103X, 104, 105A, 105X, 1060x, 106X, 108X, 109, 112, 113, 140X, 150, 1801, 1C-5003D, 1S-5024D sp9863a, 203A, 203E, 203X, 2040G, 204X, 205, 206X, 208A, 208X, 209A, 209X, 213X, 214, 216X, 217D, 221A, 221X, 222A, 222X, 223, 228, 250, 252, 255A, 255DX, 255X, 280X, 282, 292, 296, 297, 300X, 301X, 303A, 303X, 304A, 304X, 305A, 305X, 306A, 306X, 310A, 310X, 311X, 315M, 322, 352X, 355A, 355DA, 355DX, 355X, 356, 358, 360A, 361, 362, 363A, 363X, 380X, 383A, 383X, 385, 385J, 4007X, 4009s-Pixi3(3.5), 4010A, 4010D, 4010E, 4013D, 4013x, 4015D, 4015X, 4027x MT6572, 4033x, 4034E, 4060a, 4060a, 455, 5035D, 5045x, 5051d MSM8909, 505K, 505X, 506, 508A, 540, 543X, 565K, 565X, 585, 600A, 600X, 6012E, 602, 606, 660A, 660X, 665, 668, 7040A, 7042D, 706A, 706X, 708A, 708X, 710, 710D, 710K, 7110, 799, 800, 802, 802Y, 803, 806, 807, 808, 808M, 809, 813, 813F, 818, 819, 828, 880, 888, 900, 901, 905, 907, A626BL MT6755, AM01, B331, C700A, C700X, C701A, C701X, C707X, C717A, C717X, C820A, C825A, C825X, Crystal, E100x, E101, E15x_16x_25x, E201, E205, E207, E221, E227, E230x, EL09X, Elle-EL09X, Elle-N3A, Elle-N3X, F101, F115, F117, F121X, F122X, F123, F152, F153, F330X, F331, F344, GlamPhone-EL05A, I606, I650A, I650X, I780, I808, I818, I888, I898, I905, KR01X, Lava, M3G, Mandarina-Duck-MD01X, Mandarina-Duck-MD02X, Miss-Sixty, One-Touch-Pixi-3-3.5-OT-4009, OT-1051D, OT-1060D, OT-1060X, OT-1062, OT-1063, OT-2040D, OT-316A, OT-316D, OT-316S, OT-4009X, OT-4010, OT-4013x, OT-4015X, OT-5010x, OT-5020t, OT-5022X, OT-6012A, OT-6012X, OT-7047E, OT-918, OT-Ideal-4060A, OT-PIXI4, OT-Pixi4-6-4G-9001X, OT152, Pixi-4-4034D MT6580, Pixi-4-8063 MT8127, Pixi4-6-4g, POP4-5051X, S100, S107, S120, S121, S122, S210, S211, S215A, S215X, S218X, S319A, S319X, S320X, S321A, S321X, S520A, S520X, S521A, S521X, S621A, S621X, S626A, S626X, S680, T208, T255, T268, T355X, T66, Tab-TCL-8082, V155, V212, V212C, V221A, V221X, V222A, V222X, V270, V345, V350, V555, V570A, V570X, V607A, V670A, V670X, V770A, V770X, VM575
Alfatel: C500, H1, H1A, H1i, H2, H3, H300, H4, H5A, H9
Allview: A6-Duo, M1, M1-Fusion, S2-Guld, T1
Alps: P9600-P2000+
Altice: S11 MT6580, S60 MT6755
Altrec: C200
Ama: P1 SC6531
Amani-Mobile: A20 SC6531EFM
Amgo: 410 SC77xx
Amicroe: Touch-TAB-Force
Amplicom: M6000
Amstrad: S288
Amycool: D66+
Angela: GTX85MV
Anino: Unmy-3G-Vegas
Anoking: 3060, M9, X202
Anycall: 1689, 2619, D900, F488E, i718, i738, i908, i908e, L708, S628
Anycat: SGH-I900
Anycoll: L588
Anycool: 007, 629, 6300, 7310, A508, CG668+, D1200, D1210, D3000, D38, D528, D6000, D66, D66+, D68, F1000, F58, F69, F818, F888+, F999, GC668, GC778, i908, i908e, i929, i939, K88, Kingbond-KDI-D528, N101, N86, T55, T618, T618+, T619, T628, T648, T718, T728, T808, T808-TV-Phone, T818, T828, T838, TV-99i, TV188, V168, V520, V7000, V777, V866, V868, V9, V9+, V9000, YX51
Anylink: 6500, N99i
Anyoall: 908i, SGH-908i
Aobang: A880
AOTE: 660, 908, 918, 928, F9+, M660
APhone: DT-10
Apole: IP9300
Appo: A300, A8, X777
ARA: A818
Archos: 50-Platinum-4G MT6737M, 55 Helium, 5B-Titanium SC9832A, 70c, A50C, Access-45-4G sc983x
ArcMobile: TV-550D
Arise: AR52
Aroma: D333
Arsala: 6730
Arte: 8600e
Artee: RT501
Ashna: Z600 MT6580
AshnaMobile: I30 MT6572
Asiafone: AF-V11, AF23, AF501, AF502
Astro: A177 SC653x, A32, Ibho-T, Mercury
Asus: J202, J206, J208, V66, V75, V80, X008 MT6735, X008D, X008D MT6735, X008DA, X008DA MT6735, Z012D, Zenfone-4-Max-X00KD MT6735, Zenfone-Go-Z00VD MT6580, Zenfone-Max-M2-X01BD MSM8956+, Zenfone-Max-Z010D-Brush
AT-Telecom: Hi-Messenger
Atan: M760, M760-Music-Phone
Atlastab: A909 RK3066
Atouch: A7+, S04-YK706 SC8830
Attila: Mate-Pro MT6580, Mini MT6580, Z6
Audiovox: GPRS748, GSM609
Aura: S902, S908
Auro: 6321
Austar: F455+
AUX-Mobile: M780, M855, M868, Z33
Avio: 101, 102, 201, 203, 204, 205, 301, 403, A306, A6103, S505
Avion: A10-Pro MT6763
Avivo: 1950g, 1960g
Avvio: 103A, 203A, 209, 251, 410, 505, 530A, 768, 775, 778, 792, 795, 930A, G200, GD851p, GD852p, SN50, SN70, T519
Awang: A828, A929
Azumi: A1, A45D MT6570, F1, Kirei-A4-D MT6570, L1N, Q503, S101
B-Fly: 225+, 6S+, B4, B768, Grand2, Mini, Nirvana, Note-3, S5-Mini, Z10+
Bacha: ZMC888
Baizhao: S320i, S600, S8958, TV488
Bak: BK-MP77, BK-MT77, MP605
Bao-Xing: F692+, N1000, N200
BaoXing: N1000, N200
Baravo: Z25
Barbie: P520
Basicom: M-Star, V9
Bassoon: Tab-X2-2.1
Bavapen: 104e
BBC: i508
BBK: i2288, i399, K202, K300, K322, S201, S202
BBR: 8820+
Bee: 703G01D
Beeline: A100, A103, B2011A, B2011T, G3610, Pro, Pro-2, R221, Smart-3, Smart-4, Tab-Pro
Beetel: EC003, EC005
Bellwave: N77
BenQ: C36
BenQ-Siemens: A38, A500, A53, C30, C71A, CF51, CF61, CL71, E52, E61, EF51, EF61, EF71, M100, M220, M300, M305, M315, M350, M580, S660C, S700, S80, S81, S82, S88, SFG75, T33, T51, T66, Z2
Bentel: EV530
Bess: SP500, SP770, VZ210, VZ219, VZ480
Best: D2000, D2000+, D3000+, D3800+
BestBuy: Easy-Phone-5.5-Easy-
Bestel: 6000+, D5000, D5000+, D6000, N95
Bestking: A2688
Bestone: KA08+
Betels: 6000+
Beyond: B111, B333, B38, B505, B510, B515, B530-SL71, B555, B600, B818, B83, B868, BY125, BY400, C3
Bilwani: B2, M55, X300
Bird: D515A, D611, D612, D615, D630, D650, D660, D670, D706, D716, D720, D730, D736, D760, F200, F300, F501A, F518, F527, K102, K298, S1120, S1180C, S1186, S160a, S198, S199, S230, S288, S299, S301, S302, S305, S306, S320, S570, S688, S699, S701, S710, S788, V09, V10, V5518+, V620, V708, V750, V788, V789, X6 sp7731e
Bitmore: Tab
Bizhao: S8978, TV488
BK: 9888i, MP605, MP725, MP728
BKL: 728
BL: K599
BlackCherry: BL7000B, BL8000
BlackFox: B4 MT6739, B4-BMM543D MT6739
Blacklable: VVV363
BlackView: A60 MT6580, BV5800 MT6739, E7S, S8, S8 MT6755
Blade: Q-Mini
Blaupunkt: SL-04 MT6580, SM01 MT6580
Bleck: Clever7 RK3126C
Bleu: 151x, 245x, 251s, 251x, 253x, 255x, 351x, 354x, 355x, 450z, 453x, 454x, 456x, 466x, 471x, 476x, 550x, 551x, 555x, 651x, 651Z, 670x, 670z
Bleutooth: N82i
Bliss: D108, D208, V98
Bloom: Globe-4.0-PL, Globe-4.5, S225
Blu: A110U SC7731, Advance-4.0-A270a, Advance-4.0M, Advance-A5 MT6570, Aria-II, C4, C5-C014 sp7731e, Dash-D140K, Dash-JR-K, Dash-JR-TV-D140T, Grand-M2 MT6580, Jenny-J050 SC6531E, Jenny-TV-2.8, Life-Play-2, Q200, Studio-5.0, Studio-5.0-C-Mini, Studio-5.0-II-D532u, STUDIO_SELFIE, T200-Deejay, T210, T300, Tank-II-T192, Z5-Z211 SC6531E, Zoey-T166
Blue: Vivo-5-Mini
Blueberry: B1, S111
Bluetooth: 2008, 2009, 2600, 2640, 337, 339, 349, 526, 536, 588, 588+, 589, 626, 6500s, 6688, 6888, 6889, 808, 868, 888, 8928, 900, 900+, 911, 912, 998, 999, A20P, A5, A5688, B889, C800, C8000, C8800, C905, C92, C98, D18, E588, E70, E78, G366, G368, i738, JD2008, K320, K328, K400, K440, K799, KN-D9, L800, L831, L832, LV918, N77, N77S, N78, N79, N79C, N82, N83, N8600, N91, N95, N958, N97, N98, N98+, N99i-TV, PDA, S30, Slim, TC-168, V168, V21, V55, V555, V648, W726, Y138, Y139, Y690, ZH898, ZT588
BMobile: AX1065 MT6735, AX1077+, AX1078 sp9832e, AX535, AX540, C612, C628, K106, K298, LQ310, S168, S750, TV9, X131
Bocoin: 302, B205
Bolo: C62, C68
Bolt: T5, T5+ SC9832E
Bonmi: F430
Bontel: L400 SC6531
Boostwer: E66
Bossh: B70, D112, D96M
Bost-Mobile: D615
BPL-Mobile: COLT027
BQ: 2800G scx15_sp7715ga, 4028, 5010G-Spot MT6580, 5301-Strike-View MT6580, 5514G MT6580, 7098G SC7731E, Aquaris-X-Pro MSM8953, E2, N2
BQS: 3510
Brandt: B-Prime-S MT6797
Brondi: Night-Star
BSNL: EC005, G200CF, Penta-IS701D, Penta-P033
Bugatti: 164
Bulbo: X-Pro MT6739
Buss: G618
BX: 5800, A300, N1000, N1000+, N5000
BY: K8802
BY2: 6600, M55, S102, S303
Byond: BY-888, BY027, BY999, Nano+
Bytone: T3
C-Idea: CM455 MT6572
C-Right: L2000
Cagabi: One MT6580
CallMe: C18 sc6531efm, Y854 SC6531
Calltouch: C468 SC8830, Tab-706
Calme: C12 SC6531EFM, C2 SC653, C22 SC6531E, C252 6531E, C340, C345, C700 SC6531, C88 SC6531, CL200 SC6531EFM, D70, S12, S20, Spark-S10, Spark-S11, Spark-S22, Spark-S33, X2-02, X200
Calsen: 7322, D500
Camry: V138
Candi: Blaze MT6580
Capitel: P600
Car-Mobile: KU6-BMW
Caravan: S9300
Carbon: 8800e
Carrefour: CT820
Carries: M99
Cartier: V8
Casper: A1-1 MT6755, Via-A1 MT6755
Cat: Qtek9090 SC6531
Cavio: ZT618, ZTF1
CayenneS: Z9
cCanon: IXY8000
CCK: 10, E71
CCM: T9500
Cect: 003, 1088, 1280SM, 199, 2000, 24560, 318, 3360, 505, 5708, 599, 6300i, 6300L, 6300R, 6600, 668, 688C, 688i, 689C, 689i, 760, 761, 7708, 808, 8100, 8110+, 838+, 8380, 8380-PDA, 8380-TV-OUT, 858, 860, 8800, 8808, 8808-Vertu, 888, 888+, 9898, 9988, A008, A100-TV, A1600, A1800, A1818, A2000, A520, A606, A666, A6668, A8+, A800, A850i, B8, C1000, C1000i, C2000, C2000D, C3000, C3000c, C5000, C5188, C600, C6111, C800, C8000, C8200, C8220, C827, C828, C829, C8400, C8600, C92+, C9900, D120, D122, D240, D242, D900, E591, E65, E65C, E65i, E680, E680i, E808, E818, E900, E920, E921, Edalee, F1200, F16, F22, G928, GP9000, H6628, I530, i658, i70, IM-306, K2, K300, K300+, K328, K630, K770, K7800, K808, K818, K828, K838, K838+, K86, K915+, KG98, L2000+, L2200+, LM398, LT-X3, LV918, M1818, M1818-PDA, M520, M530, M619, M660, M8, M800, M8600, M901, N1000, N168, N180, N1818, N518, N528, N529, N537, N538, N548, N568, N618, N618+, N618c, N6298, N6500, N6500+, N73, N73-1, N73i, N788, N81, N81+, N81c, N82, N84, N85, N87, N95, N95-PDA, N98, N989, N99+, O2R, P168, P30, P3711, P3711i, P3714, P3715, P603, P8100, P8100+, P8300, P8400, P9100, Q300, Q300A, Q300C, Q302, Q306, Q380, Q500, Q500-2sim, Q500BT, Q558, Q600, Q610, Q618, Q618-2sim-PDA, Q638, Q800, Q86, S500, S500-O2S, S500-PDA, S500-PDA-02Mini-3D-S, S500-PDA-02Mini-3D-Sound, S510, S560, S560-MPEG5, S567, S580, S588, S698, S800, S800+, S90, ST500, T1, T100, T410, T520, T590, T6688+, T678, T68, T688, T688-PDA, T688i, T688i-2sim, T689, T718, T830, T888, T88i, T910, T918-WatchPhone, T999, T999+, TV60, U880, U8800, U8810, U90, U92, V180, V200, V23, V23i, V3, V329, V4, V400, V480, V490, V5, V6, V60, V60+, V61, V658D, V668, V6688, V668B, V68, V69, V7, V70, V777, V788, V8, V8008, V9, V90, V909, V919, V92, V929, V939, V98, X768, X768-GSM-CDMA, Y200, Y690, Y767, Y809, ZP-S560, ZT-V8
Celkon: A10, A15K, A297, A354c, A359, A40, C342, c349+, C349Star, C54, C7, C7040, C7405, CLIQ MT6737M, CT711, Diamond-Pro, Diamond-Ufeel-4G, K9, Q519+
CellOne: CX900
Century: Piooner-B889+
Cert: V400
Cesim: A35, A510, A9530, CG400, N88, N97, TV333, V130, V30, V310, V470, V480, V580, V590, V700, V709, V800, V800i
Changhong: A330, K218, K3, L128M, L138, M838
ChangJiang: A968, N8+
Changxing: A868, A868+
ChatPhone: QS150, QS200
Cherry: C50, Mobile-Flare-S5-mini, Q3i
Cherry-Mobile: Cosmo-One, D10, D13tv, D15, D20, D25tv, D28TV, D9, Q61, Q9TV, Spin, T19, U2, W7, W8i, X300
CherryMobile: Flare-J3-Lite, Flare-J3S SC7731E, Flare-S4-Max MT6580, Flare-S7-Lite MT6580, FLARE-XL-PLUS, Omega-Lite-2, Omega-Lite-3, Q4-Duo, Spin
Chili: B03
Chilli: B02, B03, B07, F02
Chillo: S01
ChinaStar: C507, S350
ChinaTab: CallTouch, Eurostar, LG0575, Redot
Chinese-Blackberry: 8310a, 8520, 8900, 9000, 9000+, 9500, 9630, 9700, Bold-9700, Mini-9000c, T901, W9630-WiFi, W9700-WiFi
Chinese-HTC: 6262, Android-G1-TV90, Diam100, P3700
Chinese-iPhone: 168, 188, 189, A1203, A38, A380, A39, A58, A6, A6+, A7+, A8+, A88, A88+, A888, A9, C8000, ES350, ES358, i9, i98+, KA08, LH01, N500, N5000, N5005, N5100, N5200, N5500, P168, P168+, TV-3G, TV-4G, V188, W888i
Chinese-iPod: A380
Chinese-LG: KV700
Chinese-Motorola: 400, 608, A1200, A606, K1, L7+, V230, V3, V33, V333, V336, V666
Chinese-Nec: 1000i, N150, N158, N880, N880i, N99
Chinese-Nokia: 1110i, 1111, 1112, 1112i, 1200, 1600, 1650, 3230, 3230C, 3250, 3280, 3680, 5200, 5220, 5300, 5300i, 5310, 5310-NMM-3, 5310XM, 5320XM, 5330, 5331, 5332, 5610, 5610D, 5610D-1, 5700, 5700+, 5710, 5720, 5800, 5800d, 6110, 6118, 6120, 6120+, 6120C, 6120i, 6128, 6131i, 6200, 6233i, 6275, 6276, 6280, 6280i, 6288, 6288-PDA, 6300, 6300-Q7, 6300-Q7+, 6300-RM-217, 6300C, 6300i, 6300r, 6300y, 6500, 6500+, 6500c, 6500s, 6600s, 6621, 6680, 6681, 6700i, 6708, 6808, 6830-XpressMusic, 7210c, 7210v, 7260, 7310c, 7310e, 7380, 7390, 7500, 8003, 8030, 8030-2sim, 808, 8600, 8600d, 8800, 8800+, 8800-Arte, 8800-Sirocco, 8800A, 8800e, 8800e-1, 8800e-Arte, 8800i, 8800S, 8830, 8860E, 9900, A200, A6+, A606, A8-Porshe, Aeon, Arte-8800, BB7, BB7+, BX-A300+, C306, C307, C308, C5, C500, C60i, C85, C88, C88i, C92, C93, E50, E51, E55, E60, E60-PDA, E60i, E65, E65i, E66, E66+, E66i, E66y, E68, E71, E71+, E71++, E71-2sim, E71i, E71TV, E71TV+, E75, E77, E78, E78c, E8-Touchpanel, E86, E89, E95, F6310, F69, GC690, HT508, K288, K288-MPEG4, K915+, L600, M5700+, M77, M78, M79, M9, M90+, M96, M97, Mini-N95-8Gb, MM95, N001, N100, N1000, N12, N125, N126, N129, N135, N151, N153, N157, N177, N203, N203i, N204, N204i, N207, N207i, N22, N26, N28, N288, N28i, N290, N303, N321, N366, N366i, N368, N39, N4, N41, N5, N50, N500, N5030, N5177-2sim, N52, N52i, N54, N55, N56, N57, N57i, N57i-2sim, N5900, N600, N606, N608, N616, N618, N618+, N65, N6500, N658, N66, N66-2sim, N666i, N668, N66C, N66i, N66L, N67, N67i, N68, N688, N688i, N689, N7, N70, N70-TVphone, N70C, N70DK, N70i, N71i, N72, N72i, N72L, N73, N73-2sim, N73-music-edition, N73-PDA, N730, N73C, N73C-2sim, N73D, N73F, N73G, N73i, N73L, N74c, N75, N750, N750+, N751, N75c, N75i, N76, N76c, N76i, N76m, N77, N771, N772, N777, N777i, N77i, N78, N78-2sim, N788, N78s, N79, N7i, N80, N800, N8003, N81, N81i, N82, N8201, N820i, N82i, N82_20pin, N83, N83c, N83i, N84, N84i, N85, N85i, N86, N8600, N8600-Luna, N86i, N87, N87c, N87i, N88, N8800, N8800L, N888, N8888, N88A, N88c, N88i, N88s, N89, N9, N9-2sim, N90, N900, N900i-2sim, N903, N903i, N905, N905i, N906, N906+, N907, N90i, N90s, N91, N910, N915+, N91A, N91i, N91i-TV, N92, N920i-2sim, N922i-2sim, N927i-2sim, N92G, N92i, N93i, N93i-2sim, N93i-TV, N94, N94i, N94s, N95, N95+, N95-2sim, N95-8G, N95-B10, N95-PDA, N95-slider, N95-TV, N95C, N95e, N95i, N95i-2sim-music-edit, N95i-2sim-music-edition, N95i-slider, N95i-TV, N95s, N95S-2sim, N96, N96-PDA, N96i, N96i-2sim, N97, N972, N973, N97i, N97k, N98, N98G, N98i, N98i-TV, N98i-Visoa, N98K, N99, N99-2sim, N990, N99B, N99i, N99i2, N99N, N9s, O3-838, P1I, Q2R, Q7, Q7+, Q900, Q900+, Q909, Q919, RH-73, S7230, S728, S89, T158, T57, T58, T6700, T98, TM17M1, TP012, TRE71, TV1000+, TV1100, TV2200, TV5, TV5188, TV690, TV7, TV702, TV8800, TV90, TV929, TV98, TV998, TV998+, V23, V230, V25, V27, V400, V8800, V909, V95, V96, V98, Veptu, Vertu, VT1300, VT9, X10, X11, X12, X5000, X6, X6+, X7, X7+, Z6700
Chinese-Other: 2928, 2GSM, 3188, 338, 3D-Sound-V23, 3GSM, 6500s, 736, 808, 818, 828, 829, 838+, 9900, A108, A1168, A1308, A16, A17+, A1966, A2000, A203, A20P, A2198, A308, A328, A380, A520, A550, A628, A638, A6398, A6399, A666, A68, A7+, A700, A706, A8+, A818, A898, A900, A930+, A950, A960, A968, A968+, A969, Adidas, B889, BT888, BX-E71i, C600, C702+, C902, C902+, C904+, CT61S, D820, D900, DVD, E66, F488, F492, F698, F838, Ferrari, FY5900, G618, Gionee, GM259, H668, H688, H689, HB758S, i1000, i1100, iPhone, JC51, JC678S, JC699S, JC730+, JC730S, JC777, K188, K300, K3000TV, K328, K3288, K588, K589, K666, K808, K8800TV+, K888, K915, K916, Kangaroo, KittyPhone, L7, L700, L707, L8000, L8080, L999, LC-C4, LT-X1, LT-X5, LT100, Luna, LV918, M2210, M606, M777, M868, M869, M8800, M905, M910, MD-477TSIP, MK168, Mobile-2007, Mobile-G1, MStar, MusicMobile-Q10, N100, N107, N203, N203-K1, N28+, N328-GSM+CDMA, N600, N6555, N69, N73, N760, N77, N79, N81, N880, N88D, N980i, N98i, Navigator, P990, P990i, PDA-328, PDA-6688, PDA-W726, Perfect-2g, PowerPack-TC-2GSM, Q7+, Q77, Rolex, S-Mobile, S1288, S2199, S350, S351, S357, S68, S728, S73, S760+, S760TV, S780+, S808, S813, S817, S90, S97+, S98+, SE318, SE818, Sonic, SuperFone, T158, T2600-683, T320, T63, T67, T678, T69, T698, T69i, T737, T788A, T800+, T807, T88, T89, TagHeuer, TagHever, TT-V1, TV-6208, TV-C1000, TV1100i, TV12, TV200, TV2009i, TV55, TV600+, TV628, TV683, TV687, TV690, TV886, TV88SQ, TV9, TV90, TV902, TV988+, TV998, TVN95, TZ-Y500, V100, V168, V188, V333, V50, V5000, V52+, V57, V628, V660, V668, V68, V800, V807, V808, V9, V90i, V918, VS400, W726, W726-PDA, W726-PDA-2sim, WatchPhone, X-SLIM, X909, XpressMusic-A520, Y500, Y600, Y690, YZ09, Z100, Z898, ZH6688, ZS89, ZT007, ZT303, ZT320, ZT321, ZT5099, ZT689+
Chinese-PDA: 520, 520+, 628, 628i, 6680, 6681, 8810i, 8850i, A1196, B889, D328, E590, E591, E592, L5688, Mobile-T88, MP4, MPEG4, T88, TV-Mobile-A9000, V13, X2, X3
Chinese-Pocket-PC: 1688-2sim, 6600, N77, N78, N87, N95, N95i, N99
Chinese-Samsung: 629+, A838, Armani, D500i, D520i, D600i, D800, D820, D828, D828+, D829, D860i, D900, D900+, D900i, D920, D958, E601, E603, E605, E680, E700, E708, E708+, E712D, E730, E730+, E730C, E738, E760i, E900, F300, F488c, F488e, i788, i888, i900, I9100, I9190w, I9260H, I9300, I9500, M8800, P528, P538, Q101, R500, S168, S9402, SGH-629, U800, U900, U908e, X180, X810, X810+
Chinese-Sharp: GX18, GX28, P810
Chinese-SharpV: P810
Chinese-Sony-Ericsson: A580, K288, K750, K750C, K750i, K758, K790i, K800, K800i, K808, K809, K810, K810i, M61, P800, P990i, T650i, V666, V700, W525, W580, W610i, W660, W700, W800, W800i, W880i, W995, Z610i
Chinese-Toshiba: E315, V10++, V11
Chinese-Vertu: 998, Ascent, Ascent-Ferrari, Ascent-I, Ascent-Indeanapolis, Ascent-Ti-RM-267v, Constellation, F510, Ferrari, Ferrari-F1+, Ferrari-II, Ferrari-III, Ferrari-RHV3, LY-8088, MC2, Narnia-V6-Mini, Royal, Royal-R1, Signature, Signature-RH267, Signature-RHV8, Titanium, V1, V8+, V8i
Chiva: LM718, ST319, UK598
Citycall: Cute
CityTel: E900-WiFi
CKing: 339, K339
CKK: K111
Cloudfone: ICE-PLUS-2, Max-X8-P7701, Q405G sc7731g, Thrill SC7731
Club: 92, 95, A225, A6, C100, C200, C300, C900, M200, M30 MT6261, M300, M400, M90 SC6531
Club-Mobile: A11, M50 MT6261
Coby: MP777
Colors: P85, X130HD, X40
Comio: C1 MT6735, C1-pro MT6739, C2, P1, S1
Condor: Allure-M1 MT6757, Allure-M3 MT6771, C4++, C5-PGN-504, C6, C7-Mini-PGN-404, C8, C8-PHS601, CTAB785R16-3G, F2, Griffe-T2 sc983x, Griffe-T9 SC9863x, Infinity-E4 sp9832e, Infinity-E5 MT6761, Infinity-E5-Pro MT6761, Plume-L4-Pro, T4-SP531 MT6580, T8-Plus MT6739, TCV-703G, Telenor-Infinity-E4 SC9832E, TFX-708g MT6761, TGW-706
Cool: ATL-V8
Coolpad: 1825, 1825 SC9863, 8297-T01, 8297L-I00, 8298-I00, Cool-3 sp9863a, Cool-3-1825 SC9863, CP3600I MSM8952, CP8298, CP8298-I00 MT6735, CP8676-I02, CP8676-I02 MT6753, Note-3-Lite MT6735, Note-5 MT6735, Note-5-CP3600i
Coolry: 2008
Coral: 100, 180, 200, 200FM, 225, 255, 266, 280, 300, 400, 400FM, 450, 500, 500FM, 550, 555, 620, 630, 640, 645, 655, 725, 850
Corby: L6, W6233
Cordless-Phone: FC8050
Corn: T20, T363
Coss: C1S
Cosun: 289, 512, 638, 8266, 8988, 9958, C512, N73i
Crew: 202
Cross: CB90, CB95AT, CB96ET, CB97, G10, GG53, GG55
CRTel: A2000, C200, X10, X6
CSL: DS110, i200
Ctroniq: C70S
Ctves: M777
Cubot: Rainbow MT6580
Cvfd: M31
Cxcess: x499, X499 SC6531E
CXTel: D90
Cyber-Shot: E860
Cyfon: C800i
Cynix: D28, D38, E49
CZCT: C8000
D-Horse: D510
D-One: DG-518, DG518, DG558, DG568, G628
D-Tech: DT07-TAB4G sp9832e, DT14gs
Daewoo: D600
Danew: Konnect-402 MT6580, Konnect-504
Dany: G4, G5, Genius-Talk-T500, Maxx-05 sp7731e, Monster-4G sc8830, S1
Dapeng: T2000, T3000
Darago: 3310 SC6533G
DataWind: 7CZ
Daxian: 619, 669, 780, 8100, A6388, C8100, E689, J168, J6, JT398, N55, N800, P168, T108, X3000, X658, X7, X728, X756, X780, X799, X9188, X960, X960-FM, X999
DBest: VT880
DbPhone: DB011T
DBTel: J6
DC-Tel: X920e
DCom: 105
Deco: F1
Delta: X200
Desay: K618, L608, M523, M535, M888, N618+, N618i
Dexp: AL140, BL150 MT6580, BS650 SP7731e, G253 MT6580, Ixion-MS255 MT6735
Dezzo: D800
Dfashion: Z3
Diamond: D11, DJH-T661, T8800
Diga-Mobile: D122, G123, G126
Digga: D25
Digibee: BSNL-G200CF, G240
Digicel: DL3
Digimac: EXi
Digiphone: 9800TV, E711, T828
Digital: C500
Digma: Linx-Rage-4 SC9850x
Dirland: E307, M881, P708, R100, X410
Disco: Z1
Disko: 1030, 5282, 8S, D6, I9082, K6, L7, M7, Mate-7, Mini-S4, N9000, NX800, One-M7, P6, S3806, S5, S5282, S720e, T375
Disney: 520+
Disquo: Q100
DJH: T660
Djuice: Shake
DK-Mobile: O9
DMND: W720i
Donod: D5130, D805, D805+, D806, D960
Donood: D700
Doogee: N10 SC9863A, X10, X10 MT6570, X20 MT6580, X30 MT6580, X55 MT6580, X60L MT6735, X70, X90L, Y8 MT6739, Y8C MT6580
Doopro: P1 MT6580
Doov: YH923
Dopod: A6188
Dopodo: C95, C97, C99, C99+, E57+, E61+, E62+, E63+
Dorado: 6700C, A006, D111, D380, D600, D890, TV15
Doro: 338gsm, 611, 612, 8042-DSB0110 MT6750, HandleEasy-326gsm, HandleEasy-328gsm, PhoneEasy-345gsm, PhoneEasy-409s, PhoneEasy-410gsm, PhoneEasy-410s, PhoneEasy-610
Dotcom: MB-2300TV
DRV-Mobiles: R52
Dsney: M6, N8, Q7
Dual: 77, Vogue
Dubao: 538, 558, 728, 728+, 738, 758, 768, 768+, 777
DV-Phone: V93i, V96i, V97i
DVD: S618
DX: N6188
E-Tachi: A5-Slim, A5-Slim-8.1 MT6580, B2 sc6531, E10 SC6531E, E4 SC6531EFM
E-Tel: P7, P9, V809
E-Top: S30
Eagle: E52
Easycall: 6600
Echo: Dune MT6735
Egitel: V6
Egltel: V6
Einstein: MC2, MC3, Singular
Eiriga: E13
Eiroga: E666, N73+
Ektel: C1-TV
Elenberg: MT105, MT320, MT520
Elephone: A6 MT6765
Elgin: EL-MP730
Elite: H1, Max MSM8937
Elitek: FN8618, FN888, GT101YN
Elitex: 8888
Eliya: S168
Elson: E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900
Emblaze: Sting6, Touch7
Emol: 66
Emporia: Click-V32c
Energizer: E241s SC9820E, Energy-S500E MT6580
Energy: X2 MT6580
Enes: D3 SC6533G
Enet: E9
Enimac: MQ8200
ENMAC: MQ-8200
Enteos: i-BD620
Epik: K501-Plus
Epoda: EP2502
Etachi: B1 SC6531
Etel: E12
Etisalat: 211FM
eTouch: 1133i, 212Pro, 232Pro, 303, 303Pro, 515Pro, 612, 616Pro, 636, 636Pro, 717Pro, CG1, D108, D11, D12, D120, D160, D18, D200, D21, D220, D23, D30, D300, D33, D35, D38, D6, D60, D8, DS100, F50, J100, J165, J168, MB68, MD82, X88i, XL10, XL25, XL53
Eurocell: E88
Eurostar: Epad-5, Onyx-2-LTE, Onyx-2-LTE MT6737
Evercoss: A54
Everfo: 2601, 2602, 2603, 2604, E2211+, E32, E591, E711D, E713D, E730, E863, E866, E911, E912, E927, E941
Evertek: E300, E500, X9, X90
Evolve: GX607
Excellent: Ex554
Exmar: DXD-TX1
Experta: X1
Explay: Advance, BM50, Fin, Primo, T1000
Express: X11
Eyo: C5000, E71, E71S
Ezio: E300, E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900
Fashion: A5688, T508, T588
Fengxing: M609C
Fero: A4001-Plus SC773x, A5002 SC7731x
Ferrari: F1, F108, F589, F599, HC668, LV2008
FiGi: G6 MT6739
Firefly: Aurii-Secret-Lite MT6580
Firefly-Mobile: GT100s
FixedPhone: FC8050
FixMobile: A969
Flare: J7-Lite MT6580
Fly: 2040, 2040i, 2040L, 2060, 2080, A106, B300, B400, B430, B600, B700, DS100, DS103D, DS105, DS110, DS110i, DS120, DS150, DS156, DS160, DS165, DS170, DS180, DS185, DS186, DS187N, DS210, DS400, DS420, DS500, E100, E105, E110, E115, E120, E125, E130, E135, E140, E145, E147TV, E150, E160, E170, E171, E181, E185, E190, E300, E310, Ezzy, Ezzy3, FS507 MT6580, G1, Hi-SLDR, Hummer-HT1, Hummer-HT2, IQ-4608-Quad MT6580, IQ4407 MT6572, IQ441, IQ4418, IQ4490i, IQ4505, IQ4518, IQ465, Levis-LV1, LX500, LX600, LX610, LX800, M100, M130, M140, MC100, MC105, MC120, MC130, MC150DS, MC160, MC165, MC170DS, MC175, MC180, MC220, MC300, MP100, MP220, MP300, MP400, MP500, MP600, MX200, MX200i, MX230, MX300, MX330, Q110, Q200, Q300, Q400, Q410, SL100, SL130, SL140DS, SL140i, SL200, SL300m, SL399E, SL400m, SL500i, SL500m, SL600, SL600-Vodafone, SLT100, ST100, ST300, Swift-GTS, SX100, SX200, SX210, SX215, SX220, SX225, SX230, SX240, SX300, SX305, SX310, SX315, TS107, V100, V180DS, V40, V50, V60, X3, X7, X7a, Z200, Z300, Z300a, Z400, Z500
Fly-Ying: E71i, F003, F006, F007, F008, F021, F026, F035, F036, F080, F300, F350, F698, F99
Flying: F300, F636, F639, F67, F69, F698, F698i, F800, F826, F900, F916, F936, F996
Flynet: F001, F007
FMobile: B290
Fome: N7
Forby: G899
Forme: A398i, C101, D386, D5, D516, F8, F808, L300, M6, M600, M660, M800, Q5000, U969
Forstar: FT970
Fortune: F16, F32
Fory: F288
Foston: 968B, FS-829, FS-836B, FS-868B, FS-968A, FS862, FS968A, PDA
Foxlink: Z302
Frome: F8
Frost: 701, F26, M23
Fujistar: FJ-71, FT-1011
FUN: N100, N73, N77, N78, N95
Funker: F803DS
Funny: A8, V50
FunnyMobile: V20
FunTel: F404
Fushida: S360
FuXen: Hydra-6, Hydra6
G+G: i908
G-Fen: L600
G-Five: 3120, 5130, 525, 6620, 6670, 710, 720, 736, 7620, 898, A2, A5, A77, A86, A97, AP3, Bravo-G95, C2160, C6233, D60, D90, D99, F2, F3, F5, F8, FT01, FT02, FT03, G10, G226, G300, G3000, G365, G370, G6-President, G6C, G7-President, G880, GF73, H600, H91, i300, i310, K568, L226, L229, L300, L700, L800, M1, M5130, M55, M6, M610, M73, M99, N1120BT, N18, N79i, N90, President-Smart2, Q33, Q8i, U303, U505, U717, U867, U879, U898, U899, U909, U959, U969, W1, X9
G-Fone: 311-Aircel, 411-Aircel, 422-Aircel, 466-Aircel
G-Mobile: C102A, J500, M93, N82
G-net: G409-mini
G-Next: GN14, U979
G-Phone: 5700
G-Right: 3000, 6700, 6800, C200, E52, E72, G2, L200, L300, U808, U999, V400, V80, X300, X400, X600
G-Shine: L800
G-Star: 618, 808, 899, G2, G6, G851, GM108, GM128, GM208, GM209, GM238, GM308, GM318, GM328, GM329, GM338, GM508, GM528, GM608, GM618, GM618-Slim, GM809, GM851, GM896, GM896M, Q82
G-Stop: N8y
G-Tab: G100M SC8830, P7072G MT6572, Q69
G-Tide: E6-Mini, E908, G-Pad-Power sc7731, G12, G15, G18, G28, G5310, G7, G838, L600, W110, W310, W510, W520, W620, W660
G-Touch: Mito-A880
G-Vill: G9900
G-Zone: C5
Gaba: A72
Galaxy: SQ9600, T81
Gallin: GM63
Game: 5300
Gamma: K9, M55
Gaoxinqi: A818, D601, E908, E908i, GS518, GXQ-F896, GXQ-N358, N82, N87, T838, TL528
Gatel: E73
GBest: M23
GDL: Extreme3, G100
GeePee: 1145
Gelsi: G31, G31-Movilnet-VE
General: Mobile-4G
General-Mobile: 8-Go MT6739
GeneralMobile: 4G, DST01, DST10, DST11, DST12, DST13, G333
Genx: TZ8
GEO: G1, GV500, Gv880
Geotel: G1 MT6580, S9300
Getek: TK806, TK808
GFive: 3-sim-King SC6531E, 4Light SC6531, 7630, A5, A98, Big-Bird, D11, D90, D902, D99, Disco-E301 SC6531EFM, E71y, F3, F5, Fire-3310 sc6531, G3310 SC6531E, G4-Play SC6531EFM, G550 SC6531EFM, G6-Plus MT6582, GF3310 SC6531E, Gold SC6531E, Golden, LTE-3, M99, Polo SC6531EFM, President-Gold-10 MT6739, President-Gold-9 MT6739, President-Smart-2 MT6572, Rebon SC6531E, Rock SC6531E, Rock SC6531EFM, Shine SC6531E, Smart-5, Smart-A98, Sunlight SC6531, T33+, T580, Tiger 6531EFM, U220+, U222+, U229, U320, U800, U808, U898, W39, W5, X202, Z8
Gibox: MK369, MK397
Gigaset: GS100 MT6739
Gild: 6700, N9, S33
Ginzzu: S5001 MT6580
Gionee: A1 MT6755, A10-TV, A809, A830, E3, E5, E6, E99, F103, F103 MT6735, F103 Pro, F103-Pro, F103-Pro MT6735, F205 MT6739, F3-Pro MT6580, F6 MSM8937, F9 sp9863a, G1, G3, G5, GN5001S MT6735, I9, L7, L700, L8, M2, M3, M5, m5-lite, M5-Lite MT6735, M7-Power MSM8940, M700, P1, P2, P2S, P3, P3S, P4, P5-Mini, P5-Mini MT6580, P5L, P5L MT6735, P5MINI, P5W, P5W MT6580, P6, P7-Max, P7-Max MT6595, p8w MT6580, S11-Lite MSM8937, S6S MT6753, S80, S96, SPlus, T520, V4, V4S, V5, V5600, V890, X1 MT6735
Giong: S500
Giorgio: Arnan-F8
Giorgio-Arnani: dual-sim, F8
Gjiang: W007
Glaif: 2690i
Glid: 6700, FXD3600, FXD6300, H1, N9, S3720, S648, S76, S93, TV98, V2, V76, X5
Glis: S77
Global-Mobile: G0003
GlobalMobile: G0003
Globul: TA2322n
GLP: 138GT
GLX: X202
GMobile: T68
GNet: G8600, N99
GNext: G401, GN11, GN28, GN90i
GNine: K2+, X88
Go-Mobile: 775
Goldmobil: J88
Goldvish: Signature-RHV-2, Signature-TRGH-8
GoMobile: 1452, GO180, GO950
Good-One: L007
GoodOne: Z7
Goodve: GV11, T7, T9, X9
GPlus: Q10 MT6761
GPS-Mobile: K3288
Gradiente: GC300, GF500, GF760, GF910, GF910i, GF930, GF930i, GF950, GF970, Vibe
Greenpower: H48
Gresso: M230 SC6531E, M3310 SC6533G, M3330 SC6530
Gretel: M31 RDA8851X
Gross: G10
GSmart: Aku-A1
GSmax: GS868
GT: V100
GT-Mobile: 1268, 1400, 450, i1268, M300, M920, TV-70, TV100, TV70
GTab: P7072G
GTel: A703, A704i, X2-02, X6s MT6739, X7-Plus MT6771, X7S MT6765
Gtran: N120, N150, N510
Gucci: G600, G629, G668
Guophone: V88 MT6572
GVill: 301, G2-02, G308, G808, Toch
GVon: 900
GX: T7
H-Mobile: 3310 SC6533G
Hagenuk: DS300, Jazz, M628
Haier: Esteem Q5, Esteem-Q5, Esteem-Q5-HM-I506-w MT6580, G111, G30, G700 MT6572, HG-A8, HG-M150, HG-M151, HG-M161, HG-M306, HG-M307, HG-V70, I60, I70, M300, M500, S210, T757, Z1000, Z1600i, Z701S, Z702
Hang-Jiang: N97-Mini
Hantel: 6088, A800, BL699, D1838, D801, E860, H168, H625, HN9398, HT3188, HT6088, HT6600, HT8388, M2210, Send-Y500, T6800, TV-488
HCL: Connect-3G, Connect-V3
Heady: H787
Hedy: H767, H797, S803
Heilo: S1 MT6753, S60 MT6771
Helio: X10
Hello: HL2801, HL2802
Hellocity: C306
HelloKitty: 318
Hi-Tech: Amaze-S305, G4i, S300i, X250, Youth-HT880
Hic: S900
Hidden-Dragon: N68
Hightech: HT100
Hightel: M88
Higtel: H869
Himax: H12
HiPhone: V188
Hiqo: B400
HiSense: C20 msm8929, e30se SC9863A, F16 MT6739, F17 MT6580, F22 MT6737M, F25, HS-U939, HS-U970, HS-U980, L675 MT6735, U601S, U605 SC7731E, U963, U963 SC9832E, U963-HLTE100E
Hisong: M920
Hitech: 3600i, Air-1, Air-8, Amaze-300, Amaze-S410, F2i, G10, G3i, H2i, H31, H38, H382, H39, H55, H61, M21, Micra115+, S3, S300i, S5, X9
Hitel: M1038
Hitune: A4
Hitz: 2211
HKM: N6370
HMNote: 1W
Holleycomm: H3101, H3260, H3270
Holyday: D600
Hometech: HT-7RT
Homtom: H10 MT6755
Hongxiang: M733W
Honor: C6-Pro, Holly
Honxiang: M733W
Hooah: S1, S3
Hope: 6700
Hotwav: Cosmos, Hot-6 MT6735, Pearl-K1 MT6761, R10 SC77xx, Venus-R10 SC773x, Venus-R6 SC7731C, Venus-R8 SC7731
HSL: A400-Style, Colours, Y400, Y4200
HT-Mobile: A30, G10, G11, G19, G20, G30
HTC: 326G, 516, 816G, A288, D616, D626T, Desire-210DS, Desire-310, Desire-310 MT6582, Desire-320, Desire-526G+, Desire-616, Desire-626, Desire-728-DS MT6753, Desire-D830n, DROBGA, M8-CLONE, M8W, M9S, TouchFLO-P3452
HTTel: A800
Hualu: S600
Huate: T600
Huawei: Acend-U30, Ascend-G7-L11, C2205, C2285, C506, C6300, Copy-T6, CUN-U29 MT6582, G20, G2800S, G330d, G3500, G3501, G3510, G3510m, G3510s, G3512, G3610, G3621L, G5010, G5500, G5510, G5521, G5720, G5730, G5760, G6, G6005, G610-U00, G6150, G6600, G6600D, G6603, G6608, G6609, G6610, G6610v, G6620, G6622, G7002, G7007, G7010, G7050, G7105, G7206, G7210, G7300, G7600, G8-Rio-Lo1 MSM8936, GR3-TAG-L22 MT6753, GR5-KII-L21, H30-U10, Hol-U19, Honor-3C, Honor-HOL-U19, jmm-l22, LUA-L22-Y3-II MT6582, Lua-lo1, LUA-U22, MYA-L22 MT6735, T128, T156, T158, T160L, T161L, T201, T202, T206, T208, T211, T261L, T330, T6, T710, T711, TRT-L21A MSM8940, VNS-L21, Y220, Y221-1U22, Y221-U22, Y221-U53, Y320-U30, Y330, Y330-U01, Y330-U05, Y336-U02, Y360-U61, Y360-U72, Y5-MYA-L22 MT6752, Y511-U30, Y520-U12, Y520-U22, Y541-u2, Y550-L01, y560-u02, Y560-U61, Y6-2017-MYA-L41, Y6-Prime-MRD-LX1F MT6761, Y600-U20, Y600-U40, Y625, y625-u32, Y7-2019, Y7-TRT-LX1
Huaxi-Ang: N800
Huaxiang: N800, N900
Huayu: CM336, CM591, CM618, CM678, FT688, G688, K878, K888, L787, L888, M818, P30, V928
Hudl: HT7P16S3 RK30XX, HT7S3
HUG: Q88i
Hurricane: Infinity-Great sp7731e
Hutch: Usha-Lexus-UL2104
HX-Mobile: H1120
HXD: K900
Hyundai: E465Go SC7731E, H350, L480, MB-115, MB-121, MB-D125, MB-D130, MP318, MP510, MP718, MP728, MP738, MP880, W100
HZTel: F400, S400
i-Cell: i588, T33+
I-Mobile: 100, 101, 200, 2211, 222, 301, 306, 308, 313, 315, 318, 320, 360, 508, 510, 511, 516, 518, 520, 523, 530, 536, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 606, 608, 609, 609i, 610, 611, 613, 625, 626, 630, 901, 902, 903, BlackIce, CE0680, CE0889, CX-K809, IE3210
I-Nix: NTB-272DC
i-TV: V10
Ianus: 999
Iball: 3.5E-Kke-Winner, 4B2, Andi-107, Andi3-5i, Andi3.5V-Genius2, Andi4-5K6, Andi4-B2, Andi4di, Andi5-E7, Andi5.5N2, Avonte-2.4G, Bravo-1.8, Classic-3.5, Fab-2.6A, Glitter-4.5, I153, King2-1.8D, Leader, Leader-2.8H, Slide-6318I RK2928, Slide-7236, Vogue-2.4-KK1
iBRIT: Jazz-1 SC6531EFM, V7.0
iCell: i588
iCool: A520
ICraig: Tab RK3126C
IdealPhone: i869
IdeaTab: S6000-H
iFcane: E1
iFOE: P168+, P168C
iHunt: Alien-X MT6763
Ikall: K5 SC9832
Ikon: IK-800W MT6575, IK785, IK787
Ila: E1+ MT6739
iLegend: GX200
Ilife: K3500 SC7731E, TZB704
IMax: C82, MX-242
Imo: 168, B9000, L818, Q2+ SC9832E, T378
IMobily: K7 SC6530
iMODO: IM100
Indian: i20 SC6531E
Infinity: 2in1, 5800-2sim, Blade SC7731GEA/sc8830, Cinema-2 sc8830, Dual MT6580, E5-Pro MT6761, M1-Pro sc7731g, Q500, RMa, S380, Triple sc7731g
Infinix: A88 MSM8916, Hot-2-X510, Hot-4 MT6580, Hot-4-lite, Hot-4-Lite-X557, Hot-4-Pro MT6753, Hot-4-Pro-X556 MT6737M, Hot-6-X606-D MT6580, Hot-6-X606B, Hot-6x-X623 MSM8917, Hot-7-Pro-X625C MT6757, Hot-7-X625C MT6757, Hot-8-Lite-X650 MT6580, Hot-8-X650 MT6580, Hot-8-X650C MT6765, Hot-8-X653 MT6761, Hot-9-Play-X680B MT6765, Hot-9-X655C MT6765, Hot-9-X680B MT6765, Hot-S3 MSM8937, Hot-S3-X573 MSM8937, HOT4-Lite, Hot7 MT6580, Indian-22, Note-3-Pro (X601-LTE-A1), Note-3-X601-A1 MT6735, Note-5-X604 MT6763, Note-7-Lite-X656 MT6765, S4 MT6765, S4-X626B MT6765, S5-Lite-X652B MT6765, Smart-2-X5515I MT6739, Smart-2-X609 MT6580, Smart-3 MT6761, Smart-4 MT6761, Smart-4-x635c MT6761, X352, X500, X521, X522 MT6735, X551, X5515 MT6739, X5515-Smart-2 MT6739, X554, X556, X556 MT6735, X557, X557A1, X572 MT6753, X573, X573 MSM8937, X573B, X601, X603 MT6757, x606b, X606D MT6580, X608, X608 MSM8917, X609 MT6580, X625c MT6757, X626 MT6765, X626B MT6765, X627 MT6761, X627-Smart3-Plus, X650 MT6580, X653c-Smart-4 MT6761, X657B MT6761, X680 MT6761, XT609-Smart-HD-2 MT6580
Infocus: AH1 MT6755, IF9001, m370i, Turbo-5-Plus(if9021), Vision-3 MT6735, Vision-3-IF9031
Innjo: Halo-2 MT6735
Innjoo: F1, Halo-Plus, I1S, i2, I2S, One
Innostream: Inno-900
Innovo: i8510
Inoi: 3-Lite MT6580
Intex: 2x, 702, Alpha, Aone+, aqua 3G+, Aqua-3G, Aqua-3G+, Aqua-3G-Pro, Aqua-4.5E, Aqua-4G+, Aqua-A1, Aqua-Air-2, Aqua-Craze, Aqua-Curve, Aqua-FulVU-e5 sp9850ka, Aqua-I14, Aqua-i5, Aqua-i6, Aqua-I7, Aqua-Life2, Aqua-Lions-2, Aqua-Lions-4G SC8830, Aqua-Lions-T1-7.0, Aqua-Lite, Aqua-Marvel+, Aqua-N11, Aqua-P3, Aqua-Power, Aqua-Power+, Aqua-Power-HD, Aqua-Power2, Aqua-Q1, Aqua-Q1+, Aqua-Q2, Aqua-Q3, Aqua-Qwerty, Aqua-R2, Aqua-R3, Aqua-R4+, Aqua-S2, Aqua-S3 SC9832A, Aqua-Shine-4g, Aqua-Speed, Aqua-Star-4G, Aqua-Star-II, Aqua-Star2, Aqua-Strong, Aqua-Strong-5.2, Aqua-SX, Aqua-T2, Aqua-T4, Aqua-T5, Aqua-V+, Aqua-V2, Aqua-V3G, Aqua-X, Aqua-Xtreme, Aqua-Y2, Aqua-Y2-Pro, Aqua-Young, Aqua-Zenith MT6735, Aqua4.5E, AquaSense-5.0, Classic+, Cloud-Style-4G, Cloud-Y13+, Cloud-Y4, Cloud-Y4+, Crystal-701, Curve-Mini, Elyt-Dual sp9850ka, Fame, Fame-301, Force, Force-2, Grand, Gravity+, Hunk, IN0315, IN1044, IN1107, IN1212-Nano-Plus, IN1224, IN2010, IN2020, IN2020-Nano, IN2020-Nano2, IN2020E, IN2020FM, IN2020QT, IN2022-Nano, IN2030, IN2030D, IN2030Dx, IN2040E, IN2040N, IN2044, IN2060, IN2080, IN2080E, IN2222, IN2233, IN2244, IN2266, IN3030, IN3050, IN3055, IN3060, IN3060D, IN3070, IN3070E, IN3080, IN3080E, IN3333, IN40, IN4040, IN4060, IN4400, IN4410, IN4415, IN4420, IN4420S, IN4444, IN4455, IN4460, IN4466, IN4470, IN4470N, IN4477, IN4488, IN4495, IN5030, IN5040, IN5050, IN5544, IN6611-Ace, IN6633, IN8810, iSmart, IV0118ND sp9832e, Jazz, K1 MT6580, Leo, Nano-104, Nano-2x, Nano-Star, Nano2, Neno2, Neo-201, Neo-V-Plus, P3, Platinum-Cube, Platinum-Dream, Platinum-Mini, Platinum-Ultra, Player+, Power+, Pride, Pride+, Pride-LX, R2, R3, Style-VX, T3, T4, Turbo-N, Turbo-V2, Ultra-3000, Y2-Pro, Yuvi-LX, Yuvi-Pro
Invens: Diamond-D5 MT6580, Royal-R1 SC7731, Royal-R5 sc7731c, V5 MT6580
IO-Sound: 301, i90
ION: i100
Iosound: i960, is102
iPro: Kylin-5.0S MT6580
Irbis: SP20 sc8830
Irion: 9108DS
Iris: DM-7G, G7060 MT6737M, I-S3, Sat-DM-7g, Vox-55 MT6739
iRULU: X67 MT6580
iSmart: IS305
ITel: 2130, 5170, 5622, 6005, 6910, A11D SC7731, A12, A12 SC8830, A14, A14, A14 SP7731e, A14-Max SC7731E, A14-Max sp7731e, A15, A15 MT6580, A16 SC7731E, A16 SC773x, A16 sp7731e, A16-plus SC773x, A22-Pro MSM8909, A23 SC9832E, A23 sp9832e, A235 sp9832e, A23R, A23s, A23s sp9832e, A25-L5002 sc9832e, A25-Pro-L5002P, A32F MT6580, A33 SC7731E, A33-w5001p 7731e, A36-W5505 SC7731E, A42+, A44-Air SC9832E, A44-Power SC9832E, A44-Power sp9832e, A46 SP9863a, A46-L5002, A46-W5503L SP9863A, A52 MT6580, A52s MT6580, A55-LTE-L6003P sp9863a, A55-W6003 sp7731e, A56-W6004 sp7731e, Alpha-W5503, C8000, It-1502, It-5230, IT1407, IT1409 SC7731, it1460-pro, IT1501, It1502, IT1505, IT1508, it1508-Plus, IT1512, IT1512, IT1513 SC7731x, IT1516-Plus, IT1518 MT6735, IT1520, IT207, it2150 SC6531, it2162 SC6531EFM, IT2173, IT2180, it5081, it5081, IT5091 SC6530, IT5231, IT5250 SC6531, IT5600 SC6531, IT5616 SC6531, IT600, IT6300, IT700, IT800, L6501, P11 SC773x, P32 MT6580, P32 MT6752, P32-8.1.0 MT6580, P33, P33 SC7731e, P33-Plus sp7731e, P33-W5504 sp7731e, Power-400 sc6530, s11, S11-Plus MT6580, S11-Pro MT6580, S11X, S11x MT6580, S13 MT6580, S15 sc7731e, S15-Pro sc9863A, S15-W6002E sp7731e, S31 MT6580, S32 MT6580, S33 MT6580, S41 MT6735, S42 MSM8917, W5001p sp7731e, W5504, W6001 SC7731E
ITL: YZ-372TB sc7731g
Ivoomi: I2, I2-Lite-IN02 MT6739, IV505[v5], ME-5
J-Kai: TV96K
J-Max: F10, J-Diamond, J95, JM5700, Saxy
J-Mobile: J-S3, J100
J-Tide: C28, G880
Jaga: TT678
Jalor: A8
Jaso: J10, J9600
Jazz: Digit-1-4G MSM8909, Digit-4G MT6739, JS1, JS2, T161L, Xplore-JF100 MT6276, Xplore-Js700
JazzX: JS1, JS7
JBJ: N99
Jbs-One: U2 MT6580
Jeep: W900
JFone: J87
JFS: N5000
Jgtel: 003i, J1020
Jiali: K188
JiaXing: N95, N97, N98
Jiayu: JY-G2F, JY-G3
Jin: D898
Jin-Ke: E100
Jincen: 528, 618S+, 666, 678S, JC-E2, JC-E6, JC51, JC618S, JC6700, W400s
Jing-Ling: E81TV
Jinga: A400 SC7731, Neon sp7731e
JingCheng: JC666S
Jinke: E100, E100-TriBand
JinPeng: 007FM, 488, 5108, 5199, 5588, 768, 8188, 8190, 8198, 8283, A09TV, A1280, A2198, A5616, A5658, A5688, A606, A616, A666, A7522, A9, A928, B798, C3000, E1088, E2298, E55, E6180, E88, H788, i908, JP1688, K330, K939, K989, K999, L808, M8, M868, M99, S1111, S1288, S1318, S2128, S628, S688, S7310, S868, U900, V70, V70FM, W880, W998
Jinteyu: V678
Jivi: 12i, 2829, 444, AJ3, X3i, X57, X6699
Jmm: L22 MT6755
JRCell: i6
Jugate: 2sim, Z-AD928, ZJ880, ZJS638
Just5: CP10, Konrow sp7731c
K&C: W806, W812
K-Five: K15, Vanilla
K-Mobile: K828
K-Touch: A11, A615, A635, C108, C260, D170, D770, D780, H777, H999, Kis-1, TBL5761 MSM8909, V760, V908, X90
Kailinuo: K925
Kaiqi: N107, TV32
Kalley: TCF200
Karamfone: S4, X5
Karbonn: A065, A1+, A101, A108+, A109, A119, A11Star, A12+, A12Star, A14, A14+, A19, A19+, A1Plus-Super, A1Star, A2, A2+, A20, A202, A240, A25, A25+, A26, A29, A4, A40, A40+, A50s, A51+, A52, A52+, A5s, A6, A6-Turbo-3G, A6MT, A6Turbo-3G, A7Star, A8+, A80, A81, A8Star, A9-Indian sc983x, A90s, A92, A92+, A92Star, A95, A99i, A9s, Aura, Aura SC9832, Aura-Power-4G, K-Phone1, K-Phone2, K-Phone5, K10, K101, K101Star, K102, K102+, K102Star, K103, K104Star, K105s, K110i, K111, K112, K113, K118, K121, K14, K18, K20Star, K217, K21Star, K22+, K222s, K25, K27Star, K2Star, K3+, K300, K32Star, K330, K331, K34+, K343, K350, K36+, K406, K443, K444, K444i, K445, K446, K447, K450, K451, K451+, K46+, K460, K478, K496, K51, K52+, K52Star, K541, K55+, K550, K56, K560, K57+, K570, K58, K595, K60, K61, K62+, K63+, K650, K661, K695+, K70, K72+, K725, K73, K75, K75+, K76+, K77, K770, K775, K7Star, K84, K85, K9, K9 MT6735, K9+, K9-Smart, K9-Smart-Plus sc9832e, K90, K95, K96, K98, KC411, KC470, KC540, Machfive, Machone-S310, P9 SP9832e, Platinum-P9, Platinum-P9 sp9832e, S2, S2+, S310, S4+, ST52, Ta-Fone-A37, Titanium-Octane, Titanium-Octane+, Titanium-S10, Titanium-S12-Delite, Titanium-S19, Titanium-S2, Titanium-S2+, Titanium-S20, Titanium-S25, Titanium-S3+, Titanium-S4+, Titanium-S5+, Titanium-S5-Ultra, Titanium-S6, Titanium-S8, Titanium-S9, Titanium-ST72, Titanium-Vista-4G
Kata: T-mini-3 MT6580
Kecaoda: K9
Kechao: C7
Kechaoda: K111 MT6261, K116 MT6261, Mini-K9
Kechoda: K27, K51, K6 SC6531
Kedaq: Q191
Kejian: K508, M680
Kekai: K26i
Keneksi: Q3-Gold, S5
Kenuo: KD-B86, KN-76D, KN-A75D, KN-D8, KN-D9, KU-D9, N750
Kenxinda: D16, F66, k5200, K528, M2, W881, Z55
Kenxindad: 300
Keyad: K1
KFive: Vanilla
KFY: J12
KGTel: K2180 SC6533G
Kiano: E10, E4, E5, Elegance-4.5 MT6580
Kicka: 4+ MT6580
Kiech: N8899
Kifung: S108
Kimcell: N88
Kimfly: A1, A15, K105, K9, K900
King-One: K608
Kingelon: A968
KingK: 800
Kingmax: 8+8
Kingpo: E302, E320, E733
Kingsdom: K2
Kingstar: A25, F9, KS-A1Plus, KS-B23, KS-C1, X1
Kingsun: V902
Kinlong: K228i, K288+, N96
Kinstar: KS-C2
Kioto: Tab-MID1021 rk3126c
Kisen: 3000, F350, K1, K2000, P83, V633
KIT: LC-888
Kitty: 318, 328, 348, C90+
Kivi: I4I MT6572, KS333
KLoong: A913, E714, E718
KN-Mobile: KN200, KN300, KN310, KN400, KN500
Kocaso: MX1037 RK312X
Konka: 169FM, A26M, A76, A76FM, C220, C612, C623, C623FM, C625, C628, C629, C635, C636, C676, C926, C966, D163, D165, D169, D225, D266, D280, D316, D363, D620, D770, E303, EC001, EC001FM, EC003, EC006, G208, K120, M5061, M520, M910, W990
Konrow: Easy5 MT6739, Just-5 SC7731
KooperMobile: S4502
Korby: K1000
Kotiotel: K5
Kotka: E90, E97, E98
Kotlotel: K5
KPN: One, Touch
KTech: 8020, 8030, 8030i, 8388, K400, N8899
KTouch: A11+, A5118, A615, A650, A905, A933, B718, B830, B922, B923, B938, C800, D700, D702, S515, V918, X555
Kulala: M303-Tab
Kult: KT05 MT6739
KuXing: K1000
KXD: 001, 012
Kyocera: C2500, E2500, E3500, E4600, S1600
Kyoto: T737E
Kzen: Axis A1
KZG: N200
Laise: N99
Lanboxiny: F8
Lanix: Kip, LX11, LX5, S106, X10, Z11
Lanye: N70
Lava: 252, 285, 405+, 454, 505, 702, A10, A16-Plus SC7731E, A3-Mini, A32, A51, A59, A67 SC7731, A73, A76Plus SC983x, A77 SC983x, A82, A9, A97, A97 sc8830, A97ips, ARC-220, Arc-Lite, ARC02, Arc1+, Arc11+, Arc111, Arc12, Arc22, Arc240, Arc9i, ArcOne, C11s, C500, Dis128, Dis132, Disc-136, Discover-136s, Discover132, Discover135, Flair-P1, Flair-P2, Flair-Z1, Fuel-F1, Grand-2C MT6735, i130S, I310s, Iris-245e, Iris-250, Iris-30 MT6572, Iris-310s, Iris-352, Iris-352e, Iris-354e, Iris-356, Iris-400c, Iris-402, Iris-404-Flair, Iris-404e, Iris-405, Iris-405+, Iris-41, Iris-41 MT6570, Iris-410, Iris-414, Iris-415, Iris-444, Iris-455, Iris-46-LH9950 sc7731e, Iris-470, Iris-500, Iris-503e, Iris-504Q, Iris-505, Iris-51 SC7731E, Iris-51 sp7731e, Iris-565, Iris-65, Iris-65 MT6739, Iris-708 MT6582, Iris-80, Iris-820 MT6580, Iris-821, Iris-88 MT6739, Iris-Aatom-A1, Iris-Atom, Iris-Atom-X, Iris-Atom3, Iris-Fuel-F1, Iris-Fuel-F2 SC773x, Iris-Fuel20, Iris-Style-300, Iris-X1, Iris-X1-Atom, Iris-X1-Grand, Iris-X1-Plus, Iris-X8, Iris80 MT6735, KKT-Lite+, KKT-Prime, KKT12, KKT14+, KKT20, KKT20+, KKT20i, KKT21, KKT21+, KKT22, KKT22s, KKT24, KKT24s, KKT25, KKT27, KKT27+, KKT27i, KKT27S, KKT29+, KKT30, KKT34, KKT34+, KKT41, KKT42, KKT9+, LE9030-r5v MT6765, LH9931 SC7731E, LN9810, LN9810 SC9832E, LN9820, LN9820 SC7731E, M23, Neo, P7+, Prime-X, R3, R3 MT6739, Spark-10, Spark-244, Spark-250, Spark-285, Spark-Icon, Spark10, v2s, V6+, X1-Grand, X10, x11, X28-Plus sc8830, X38, X41 SC9832A, X41+, X41-plus SC983x, X8, Z50, Z50 MT6735, Z60 MT6735, Z60E, Z60S MT6739, Z61 MT6739, Z61-2gb MT6739, Z80E, Z91 MT6739
Lawow: 2008, A200, S10, S20, T5
Lbtel: B1 SC6531EFM
LC: C5, U808
Lcphone: LC888
LDF: K9000
Le-Tide: 230
Leady: C506, GT6107, MM10, MM95, X105, X501
Leagoo: Alfa-8, S8 MT6755, T8s MT6755
Lecom: L6500 SC6531, L800
Leiniao: N800
Lemon: 212, 216, 329, 339, 401, 818, A3, B149, B159, B169, B201, B229, B319i, B411, B415, B529, B559, B819, Duo-215, IQ303, Lemo-210, Ocean-2, P102, P105, P12, S301, S401, S403
Lenosed: A781
Lenovo: 319 MT6572, 688, A-Plus-A1010a20, A1000, A1000-G-IdeaTab, A1000L, A1000m, A1000T, A2010-A, A2010a, A2016b30, A2020a40, A2020A40 MSM8909, A2020A40-Vibe, A2107A, A238T, A2800-D, A3000-H, A316i, A319, A319 MT6572, A328, A330, A3300, A3300-GV, A332, A350, A369i, A388T, A390, A396, A399, A5000, A5000 MT6582, A516, A536, A539, A5600, A6000, A6000 MSM8916, A6000+, A6010, A6020a40, A6020a46, A6020A46 MSM8936, A606, A6600-d40, A6600A40 MT6735, A7000, A7000-a, A7000-A MT6752, A7000a, A7010a40, A7010A48, A7010A48 MT6735, A7020A48 MT6755, A766, A7700, A850, A889, B6000-HV MT6583, C2, C2 MT6737, E300, E307, E520, i510, i60, i706, i908, i909, IdeaTab-A1000-G, K3-Note, K3-Note-K50a40, K30-W, K320T SC9850x, K33 MSM8937, K33-Karate, k33a42, K5, K5-Play MSM8937, K50, K50A40, K50a40 MT6752, K51c78, K52-A48-A7020A48 MT6755, K53, K6-Note, K6-Note-K53a48, K6-Note-K53a48, K8, K8+, K8-Note-XT1902-3 MT6797, K8-Plus MT6757, K9 MT6765, L18011 MT6739, P1ma40, P1MA40 MT6735, P50, P612, P618, P70-A MT6752, P708, P710, PB1-750M, PB2-670M MT6753, Phab-2-PB2-650M, R3000, S1-L40, S1a40, S1La40, S5, S533, S60-t, S600, S6000-H, S62, S650, S660, S820, S850, S850A, S880i, S898T, S960, Shark-32, Tab-10-TB-X103F MSM8909, Tab-2-A7-30HC, Tab-7-TB-7504X MT6735, Tab-7504X, Tab-7504X MT6737M, TAB-A7-30HC MT6582, TAB-X103F MSM8909, Tab2A7 MT6582, Tab3-7-Essential-tb3-710i MT6580, TB-7304F MT6735, TB-7304i MT6735, TB-8504X, TB-X103F, TB2-X30F MSM8909, TB3-710I, TB3-730M MT6735, TB3-730X MT6735, TB3-730X-S033 MT6752, Tb7504F MT6735, Tb7504x, V707, V800, Vibe-C-A2020a40 MSM8909, Vibe-P1M, Vibe-P1m-a40, Vibe-P1ma40, YT3-850M MSM8909, Zuk-Z1
Lephone: A10, A110, A2, F300, F800, K1, K3, M75, P1, W2 sc8830, W2 sp9832a, W7S
Leree: Coolpad-R116 MSM8952
Leson: TVE71
LeTide: 230
Letv: S2 MSM8952, S2-X526 MSM8952
LFY: LS-5016, LS-5018
LG: 300G, A120, A155, A165, A290, B2000, B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, B2150, B2250, B525, C1100, C1150, C1200, C2200, C2500, C2600, C3300, C3310, C3320, C3400, C360, C399, D160, D170, D213n, D295, D315s, D325, D370TR, D415, D724, D858hk, F2250, F2400, F320K, F320L, F460K, F470K, F520, F540S, F620L, F670S, F690L, F750k, F750K-X-Power MT6735, Flex2-H955, G1800, G2-D800, G2-D802, G2-D802 MSM8974, G3, G3-D850, G3-F400K, G3-LGD855, G4-H811, GB100, GB101, GB102, GB105, GB106, GB107, GB108, GB109, GB125, GB160, GB160a, GB160b, GB165, GB170, GB190, GB190a, GB190b, GPro2-F350L, GS190, GS200, GS205, GX200, H320, H324, H324T, H324TR, H326, H326G, H326TV, H340n, H343, H420, H420F, H422, H422T, H422TV, H502f MT6582, H631, H635, H815, H845, K10, K10-4G-S670S, K10-K430, K220ds, K330, K350N, K410, K420, K430, K520DY-Stylish-2, K530, K550 MSM8937, K7-K330, KE260, KE600, KE770, KE800, KE820, KE850, KE970, KF301, KF600, KG110, KG120, KG130, KG180, KG190, KG195, KG200, KG208, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG240, KG245, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG280, KG285, KG288, KG289, KG290, KG291i, KG295, KG296, KG300, KG320, KG370, KG375, KG70, KG90N, KM330, KM335, KP100, KP105, KP106, KP107, KP108, KP109, KP110, KP112, KP115, KP130, KP135, KP170, KP199, KP200, KP202, KP202i, KP210a, KP215, KP215A, KP220, KP230, KP233, KP235, KP320, L342i, L343i, LS450, LS675 MSM8909, LS751, LS755 MT6755, LS980, M250, M250i, M700DSK-Q6 MSM8937, ME770, ME850, ME970, MG100, MG101, MG105, MG110, MG120, MG125, MG160, MG161, MG165, MG170, MG180, MG225, MG230, MG235, MG280, MG296, MG320, MG370, MS631, Q6-M700, S310, Stylus-2-K520, V10-G961N, V33 MSM8937, X-Power MK6P55, X-Power-K220dsZ, X-Power-LS755, X147, X230, X330T, X335, XPower
Lian-Sheng: L995
Lianke: P100
Libercell: KT400, KT500, KT8800
Life: DST01
Linq: X100, X300
Lion: 12, 7, 8
Lipiec: T800
LiteTel: LT4501 MT6570
Lixin: 5800, E80, E85, G2
Lobster: 485, 544, 575, S621
Logicom: La-Tab-115, LeMoov MT6739
LongTel: E3, S800, S88
LongXing: M3
Lontin: 8820, E69, E71, E71i, RH165-E71i
Louis: A502, V168
Louis-Yuitton: T658
Lovito: M23
LT: X5
LUNA: 8600, 8600d, N688
Luxury: G851
Luxus: E71 SC6533G
LV: TY450
LVTel: L8, V6
LX-Mobile: 007, TV
LYF: F10Q MSM8905, F120B MSM8905, F211S sp9820e, F271i sp9820e, F41T sp9820a, F61F sc8830, F81E sc8830, Jio-F61F SC9600, LF-2403N MSM8905, LS-4006, LS-4006 SC983x, LS-4008, LS-4503, LS-4505, LS-4505 MSM8909, LS-5005, LS-5009, LS-5010, LS-5013, LS-5013 MT6735, LS-5016, LS-5017 MT6735, LS-5018, LS-5020 MT6753, LS-5502, LS-5504, LS-5506, Water-11, Water-7, Water-7s-LS-5507 MT6735, Water-9, Wind-1 MSM8916
M&G: KD86
M-Best: X2-02
M-Horse: M1, Mini, S51
M-Tech: Lotus, Opal, Pulto, Star+
Mach: 5630
Mafe: M815 SP9832A
Magic: A100
Magicon: MG444
Magicon-Harmony: MG901
Magnus: Bravo-Z10
Mahi: V2
Malata: Lopp-P07, M696, MT118, MZ280, T256
Mango: S5 MT6739
Mann: Zug-S-ip67
Mapple-Mobile: 201
Mark: 5010
Marlax: MX107-Pro MT6580
Masster: C116
Matrix: M1, M2, N82m, X100
Maxicell: 6730
Maximis: M19, M32
Maximus: 115c, EX60, EX75, IX, M203m, M226m, M229m, M266S, M88, Max-908, Max-911, Max14, Max15, Max300, Max402, Max408, Max901, Max903, Max905, Max908, MX100, P7 MT6739, S70, T44, VJoy
Maxtcl: K94
Maxtel: K24, K48, K81, Max-20
Maxtron: MG165, MG186, MG278
Maxwest: Orbit-6300
Maxwin: Mega-8
Maxwood: L1, L4
Maxx: 2 SC6531E, 421, 845, A177, AX40, AX5, AX8-Race, G2 SC6530, G2 SC6531, G2 SC6531E, M2 SC6531E, Mega-4 SC6530, MQ340, MQ430, MSD7, MX101, MX118, MX122, MX124, MX167, MX1801i, MX240, MX245, MX3, MX304, MX316, MX322, MX333, MX335, MX404, MX425, MX435, MX463, MX468, MX470, MX480, MX488, MX4e, MX5, MX513, MX533, MX534, MX552, MX713, MX745, MX845, T110 SC6531
MaxxMobile: 110
MBD: M4000
MBM: 1168i, 5138i, S95, S96
MD: 399TSIP, 455TSIP, 460TSIP, 462CPU, 465TSIP, 475TSIP
MDB: M8000
Mebaya: A18
Mediacom: M-SP10HXxH MT6580, SmartPad-Hx MT6580
Medion: 2860, MD-95100, MDMP1200
Megafon: CP10, Login+, Login2, S4, TDM15
MegaGate: 2610, 6310, 6600, K510, T400, T960, T980, X5, X7
Megaget: T960
Megatec: Luxe
Megatek: M100
Megatel: M16+
Meidea: E66, Y1000, Y300
Meitu: V6
Meiye: N82, Q7, Q8
Meizu: M2-Note MT6753, M3, M3S, M5, M5-Note, M5-Note-Flyme, M571H MT6753, M5c MT6735, M811H MT6755, U10
Melbon: M2, MB-606M
MeMobile: L100 6531EFM, L100 SC6531E, L101 SC6531EFM, Metal-200 SC6531E, Metal-M100 SC6530, Power-3000 SC6531E, Power-4000 SC6531E, Power-5000i SC6531E
Mercury: Maestro, ST3
MessagePhone: QS150
Metfone: Closer, MF6201
Metom: M201, M20IV, M20TV, M28, M39, MT309, N11, N81, N82-TV, N87, N89, T300
Mex: MX14BS, N95, N97
MFU: 6800, M1, V200
Mi: 200, 2013121, 250e, 4c, 4i, Note-3, RedMi-2-Global, RedMi-2-Global(20148, RedMi-2-Prime, RedMi-2-Prime(201481
Micro: M11
Micromax: 511x, A064, A065, A065 MT6571, A066, A067, A068, A069, A074, A082, A089, A092, A093, A096, A101, A102, A102-Doodle-3, A104, A104 MT6582, A106, A106 MT6582, A107, A108, A109, A110, A110-Q, A110Q, A114, A115, A116, A116i, A117, A120, A120 MT6582, A177, A190, A200, A240, A25, A250, A290, A310, A315 MT6592, A46, A47, A58, A63, A66, A67, A69, A72, A74, A76, A77, A88, A89, A91, A92, A93, A96, A99, AD3520, AD4500, AD4500 MT6571, AQ4101, B5-pro MT6735, Bharat-2-Q402 SC9832, Bharat-3-Q437, Bharat-5 MT6735, Bharat-5-B5, Bolt-Q300, C2A, C2a MT6735, C2a MT6735, Canvas-110, Canvas-6-E485, Canvas-Gold-A300, Canvas-HD, D200, D303, D320, D320 MT6572, D321, D321 MT6572, D333, E311, E313, E352 MT6592, E451, E460 MSM8940, E471 MSM8936, E4815 MT6755, E483 MSM8929, E581, E930, F666 MT6582, Funbook-Duo, G4, GC255, GC256, GC257, GC275, GC400, M116, M2, N8216 MT6765, Neo-4, P365, P410i, P470, Q1, Q1+, Q2, Q3, Q3+, Q324, Q326, Q326 SC77xx, Q327, Q332, Q332 MT6580, Q334, Q335, Q336, Q340, Q345, Q345 MT6582, Q346, Q350, Q352, Q352 MT6580, Q355, Q371, Q372, Q380, Q383, Q386, Q392, Q392 MT6580, Q400, Q4002 sp9832e, Q402, Q402 sc8830, Q402+ sc8830, Q402-Ultra SC9832, Q409, Q409 MT6735, Q4101, Q412, Q413, Q414, Q415, Q416, Q417 MT6735, Q4202 MSM8909, Q424, Q4251, Q426, Q426+, Q427 MT6735M, Q427+, Q4310, Q4310 MT6735, Q440 MT6735, Q440 MT6735, Q440 MT6737M, Q450 MSM8916, Q461, Q465, Q469, Q5, Q50, Q5FB, Q6, Q7, Q75, Q80, S300, S301, Spark-Q415, Tab-P680, X008, X072, X084, X085, X088, X090, X091, X095, X096, X097, X099i, X101, X103i, X112, X113, X114, X115, X116, X117, X118, X11i, X122, X1i, X1i+, X1i-Xtra, X1u, X200, X2050, X210, X211, X212, X215, X220, X222, X225, X226, X228, X230, X234C, X235, X2420, X247, X249, X250, X251, X252, X253, X254, X258, X260, X261, X262, X263, X264, X265, X267, X270, X272, X280, X281, X2814, X282, X285, X287, X295, X2i, X2i+, X3020, X310, X321, X328, X329, X330, X332, X332-TV, X337, X340, X351, X352, X353, X360, X361, X367, X368, X370, X395, X396, X414, X445, X446, X450, X455, X455i, X456, X458, X485, X50, X500, X501, X505, X507 SC653x, X510, X511, X555, X560, X600, X602, X700, X800
MicroPhone: X6
Micxon: CTV-810, MTV800, S600
Mideia: Y100
Midi: MD-602
Mikki: C90
Ming-Xing: A008
MingXing: A008
Mini: 6600, Elink8312c, G2, G89, i9
Mint: F1CR, Leo MT6580, m3cr, VirGo-8.1.0 MT6580
MiOne: Hero-5 MT6580, i7s-Plus MT6580, M1, R1 SC7731, R3 MT6580
Mito: 111, 1868, 2000, 2018, 222, 260, 266GG, 288GG, 302
MiWang: M1 MT6739
Mixcon: S908
MJ-Phone: M9200
MJPhone: M1000, M7500, Mini-M1000
MMD: Z43
MMobile: P12
Mobiado: 105
Mobicel: Astro, Astro, Astro sp7731e, Astro-8.1.0 SC773x, Beam, Berry-1 sp7731e, Berry-Plus MT6752, Clika MT6260, Ego SP7731E, Geo MT6739, Glo, Ice, R1, R1 MT6580, R1 MT6580, R7 MT6580, Rebel MT6570, Retro, Rio-SS, Rio-SS sp7731e, S3511, Trendy-2 MT6739, Trendy-Plus MT6580, Ultra sp7731e, V4 SC7731E, X4 SC7731E, X4 SC9600, Zoom MT6580
Mobiley: NR1
Mobility: NG1
Mobiola: MB1500
Mobistar: C1, C1-Lite MT6739, X1 MT6761
MobiStart: B211
Mobistel: EL420-Dual, EL570, EL600Dual
MobiWire: Ahiga MT6572, Halona, Kahona, Mobiprint-Terminal, Rise-55 MT6739
Mobo: H45, H45 SC6531E, H7 SC6531E, M9
Modelabs: Airness-Slide99, Elite, MyWay-Slim, MyWay-Touch, V-Slide, V-Touch
Mogli: Fox1
Moille: ZTC-ZT588
Mojo: C200, Chat
Momentum: M35-Castor
Monix: X281
More: Z800
Moroccan: Accent-Eagle-3G
Moses: V670
Motocom: C500
Motolaro: 520
Motorcla: V80
Motorola: C-XT-1754 MT6737M, C113(a), C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118, C119, C121, C122, C123, C136, C137, C138, C139, C140, C141c, C155, C156, C157, C168, C168i, C257, C261, Droid turbo, E-4-Plus MT6737M, E365, E4 MT6735, E4 MT6737M, E4-Plus MT6737, F3, F3-unlock, FX900P, G6-Play-XT1922-10, Moto-E4-Plus-XT177, V170, V171, V172, V173, V175, V176, V177, V690, V872, V878, W150, W150i, W170, W170C, W200, W205, W208, W209, W210, W212, W215, W218, W220, W355, W370, W375, W376, W377, WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181, WX260A, WX260X, WX265, WX280, WX288, WX290A, WX290X, WX295A, WX295X, WX390, WX395, XT1080, XT1092-SND801 MSM8974, XT1254, XT1528, XT1562-X-Play, XT1609, XT1663 MT6755, XT1700, XT1706, XT1761 MT6737, XT1762 MT6735, XT1767, XT1770, XT1771 MT6735, XT1774, XT2025-2 MT6765
Moviephone: FA6
Movil: M108
Movistar: 731, Match, Onda, R791, Urban
Movitel: M8404, M8409, M8415 MT6580, M8416 sp7731e, M8418 MT6580, M9102B sc9832e, M9103 MT6739, M9104 MT6739
Mox: MO778, MO800, MO875, MO875+
Mox-Mo: 698
MP4: 2000, 6188, O2-mini, O2R, O2S, O2S-Dopod, PDA-K18
MPEG4: 2000, 3000, 3200, 3210, 3300, 3320, 4000, 4100, A968, K1, P888, T698
MPMobile: M02
MRD: LX1F MT6761
MS-Mobile: D1 SC6531
MTC: Smart-Race-4G MT6737M, Start2
MTech: Disco SC6531, L1
MTK: MT228
MTN: 8978P, Buzz-C390, M06 SC6530/RDA8851CL, S620, Smart-S720i
MTS: 140, 352, 535, 547, 635, 982T, Basic, M100, Qwerty, Smart-Start
MTV: N73, N97, N99
Much: D800, DS-850
Muphone: M1000, M230, M290 SC6531E
Muse: 790
Muzak: N88
MVL: G81
My: G660
Mycell: Alien-SX3, iRON4 MT6580, P2, SX4 MT6580
MyPhone: 1070, 3350, 3370, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6691, 8830TV, 8870, A818i, B21, B22, B23, B23-Duo, B25, B50, B50c, B71, B88-TV, C-Smart-Pix, Fun-5, MS28-Duo, My-A9-DTV MT6580, My11i SC7731E, My28s SC773x, MY31, MY81DTV SC7731, MyA10 MT6580, MyA11i SP7731e, MyA16 MT6580, MyA5 SC7731, Q19, Q21, Q22-Duo, Q88-Duo, QT7, Rio, Rio-Fun-V2, S21, S22-Duo, T1-DTV, T11, T12-Duo, T13-Duo, T22, T22-Duo, T23-Duo, T29-TV-Duo, T52
My_Way: Modelabs-Slim, MW100, MW200, Touch
Naide: K1, K2
Nakashi: Nk888
Napoli: NPL-777
Narnia: 8088, V6
Nasaki: B2, B9, G5, G9, M505, M606, M7, NK-880, NK630, NK880
Navon: Mizu-D402
Nckia: 3100, 5600i, 5610i, 5700+, 7390, E95, M5700, M5700+, N77, N77i, N78, N78c, N95, N95-8Gb, N97, N98, N99, XpressMusic-5610S
Nec: E101, E121, E122, N200, N208, N342i, N343i, N344i, N650i, N910, N916, N917, N919
NECcom: A007, A0078, A6, N880, N990, N990+
Neffos: TP904A MT6755
Nektel: C7000
Neoi: 809
Nerys: N330
Nestel: 112, N110, N6
Neutab: Air-7 MT8127
New-Sun: N18
NewGen: C1000, C610, C620, C650, C710, C800, E1000, E1100, E1200, Mars, S410, T1000
Newrone: i8
NewStar: X9988
Newtone: NTi8, Q6
Nex: Mini
Nexcel: E71
Nexcom: NC328, NC689
Nexcon: NC689
Nexian: G500, NX-G381i, NX-G503, NX-G505, NX-G522, NX-G700, NX-G788, NX-G801, NX-G868, NX-G900, NX-G901, NX-G911, NX-G922, NX-G923, NX-T780, NX-T900, NX-T911
Next: 809, 809-TV
NGM: Alittle, BlackAngel, DG689, Enjoy, Mito, Pixy, Vanity, Vanity-Touch, Vanity-Young
NJStar: L1100
Nkiac: F168
Nktel: 1680, 2008, 2800, 2850, 2900, 2970, 5310, A200, A210, A220, A300, A500, A60, A600, A700, A800, C2008, C3000, C5000, C6000, C7000, C8000, C9000, E280, K100, K200, K300, K400, K401, K402, K700, K770, K99, N8600, S350, S358, U800
Noal: X2-05
Nobel: V8000
Noca: T856, T856-W88-PDA
Nokeir: N768
Nokela: A2000
Nokia: 1, 1-TA-1047, 1-TA-1060, 108, 1202, 1203, 1208, 1209, 1255, 130, 1650, 1661, 1661-2b, 1662, 1680c-2b, 215, 220, 220-RM969, 2220s, 225, 230, 2320c-2b, 2330c, 2330c-2, 2600c-2b, 2610, 2610b, 2630, 2630c, 2680s, 2680s-2, 2720a-2, 2760, 2760h, 5030c, 6-TA-1003, 6-TA-1033, RM-1035, RM-1134, RM-969
Nokia`: C1-TA-1165 sc7731e
Nokier: F768
Nokig: N82, N97
Nokla: 1112, 3808, D328, E90, E92, N71, N72, N72c, N73-PDA, N77, N78, N79, N95, N95-2sim, N958, N959, N96, N96c, N96i, N97, N98, Q700, V98
Nomi: i4510, i5010 SC7731C
Nono: N1220
Nony: 216, E71, E71+, S208, S212, S235, S311, S3111, S325, S332
Nova: N800
Nove: N800
Novo: C501, N717i, ST200
Nubia: M2-Lite-NX573J MT6755
Nuu: G3-N5702L MT6757, Z8 MT6752
O2: Jet(J1), O2X1B, O2X1I, O2X2i, O2X3, O2X4, O2X7, O2XLI
O3: 818, 828, 829, 838
Oaintel: E88, V88
OALE: P1 MT6739, X1 MT6580, X2, X3 MT6580, XS2-LTE MT6761
Oalex: X4 MT6580
Obee: 007, 007i, 680, K399, N78
Obi: S401, S502, S550
Ocean: F3000
Octenn: T1100, T1130, T1201
Odin: 295, E66, P1000
Okapia: Alo, Epic, Storm
Okia: E79, N9
Ola: C515
Olive: VG200, VG300, VG3000, VG3100, VG3200, VG3201, VG400, VG500, VG800, VG8000, VGc800
Olympia: Viva
Omes: M3312, M500, W598
Omnipotence: Micky
Onda: N130T, N131, N213
OnePlus: 3 MSM8996, 3-A3003-9-Pie MSM8996, 3T MSM8996, 5, 5 MSM8998, A0001, A5010 MSM8998, One-A0001 MSM8974, X MSM8974
Onetouch: T10
Onida: C628, F830, F910, G430, G460, G520, G610, I4G1, i501, V105, V110, V115, V140, W1110
oooooo: C99, E99, N99
Opal: 4L, 4L007, G7, G900, i5, i9500
Ophone: Oze-4, X300
OPlus: O+8.52
Oppe: F7-CHP1859
Oppo: 1100, 630i, A109, A11W, A11W MT6582, A11W MT6582, A1601, A1601 MT6755, A303, A33F, A33F MSM8916, A37 MSM8916, A37F, A37F MSM8916, A37FW, A37FW MSM8916, A37M MT6750, A37W, A388, A400, A53 MSM8936, A55-CPH1909 MT6765, A57, A57 MSM8940, A57-CPH-1701, A57-CPH1701 MSM8940, A59 MT6755, A5s MT6765, A5s-CPH1909 MT6765, A7X-PBBM00 MT6771, A83 MT6763, A83-CPH1729, A83-CPH1729 MT6763, A83js MT6763, A83JS-CPH-1729 MT6763, A83T MT6763, AX5s MT6765, CPH1701-A57 MSM8940, F1F, F1F MSM8936, F1S, F1S-A1601 MT6750, F1S-A1601 MT6755, F3 MT6750, F3-CPH1609 MT6755, F3-Plus MSM8952, F3-Plus-CPH1611 MSM8952, F5 MT6763, F5-CPH-1723 MT6763, F5-CPH1723 MT6580, F5-CPH1723 MT6763, F7 MT6771, F7-CPH-1819 MT6771, F7-CPH1819 MT6771, F9 MT6771, F9-CPH1823 MT6771, F9-Pro-CPH1823 MT6771, Find5, Mirror-3, N3, N5116 MSM8226, R1001, R2001, R2001 MT6582, R7-PlusF, R827, R831K, R9s-CPH1607 MSM8953, R9S-Plus-CPH1611 MSM8952, Realme-CPH-1859, Realme-U1 MT6771, X9009 MT6755, Y90 MT6570
Opsson: A10, IVO-6677
Orange: Amsterdam, Dallas, Hollywood, Lisbon, Miami, Nalongo, Panama, Rio, Rome, San-Fransisco, Sydney, Tokyo, TR1, V101, Vegas
Orinoquia: G5580, G6600
Orion: 900DS, 903, 909, 910DS
Orro: C76
Oukitel: K5000 MT6755, U20-Plus MT6737, U7 MT6580
Overtech: OT-09
Ovione: M600
Pagaria: P2757, P72, P9045
Panasonic: A100, A101, A102, A200, A210, A500, Eluga, Eluga-A2, Eluga-ARC2, Eluga-I, Eluga-i2, Eluga-I2 MT6735M, Eluga-I3, Eluga-P91 MT6735, Eluga-Prim MT6735, Eluga-Prime MT6737M, Eluga-Switch, Eluga-Tapp MT6737M, EZ180, EZ240, G50, G51E, G51M, G60, G70, GD55, GD67, GD68, MX6, MX7, P100-1gb MT6735, P101, P31, P41, P55, P55-Novo, P55-Novo-4G, P71, P75, P85 MT6735, P88, P88 MT6735, SA6, SA7, SC3, T40, T44, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X100, X200, X300, X400, X500, X60, X66, X68, X70, X70, X700, X701, X77, ZE240
Panasonio: N75, V2000, V4000, V5000, V5100, V6000
Panda: 2008, 66, 67, Olympic, Olympic-Summer, T31
Pantech: C120, C180, C3, C320, C3B, C600, C610, C630, C740-Matrix, C790-Alladin-Duo, C810-Duo, C820-Matrix-Pro, G3900, G800, G900, GB300, P1010, P2000-Breeze-II, P2020-Ease, P2030, P5000, P6010, P7000-Impact, P7040-Link, P7040P, P8000-Crossover, P9020-Pursuit, P9050-Laser, PG-1000, PG-1200, PG-1210, PG-1400, PG-1405, PG-1410, PG-1500, PG-3000, PG-3200, PG-3210, PG-3500, PG-3600, PG-3810, PG-6100, PG-C300, PN210
Panther: Q777+
Papaphone: PP7
Pawan: 2975
PCD: CL1133, CL1135, CL1136EN, CLX100PR, GLPF1114MX, GPF1134CA, GPFL1238CW, GTX212, TTX28MX
PDA: C99+
Peace: G105, Z1
Pegasus: E3
Pel: C2, C60, C68, C908
Penta: T-PAD-K706 MT6580, WS-704Q, WS704c, WS707, WS708C
Pesung: N998+
Phicomm: C6051 MT6735, E5051 MT6735
Philips: 192, 199, 290, 292, 298, 390, 568, 768, 960, CT7688, E100, E210, F322, F511, K700, M200, S200, S220, S260 sp9850ka, S308, S326, S660, S800, S880, S890, W732, X100, X116, X170, X216, X223, X312, X325, X501, X503, X513, X518, X605, X620, X623, X703, X710, X800, X806, X830, Xenium-9@9u, Xenium-9@9w
Phoenix: P2000, PD55, PD57
Piaget: CE666
PierreCardin: GM118
Piglet: L4
Planet: E3, M1, V2
Platinium: E71i, G11+
Platinum: Mini
PlayboyPhone: PB01X
Players: P718
PlayTab: M7
PocketSurfer: PS5x
Polaroid: PRO4544PWE01, Tab
Pomp: F89, F98
Porsche: Cayenne
Powerpack: TC-107, TC-1GSM, TC-2GSM, TC-BT3, TC-BT7, TC-TV-168, TC-TV-178, TCG-8801, TCGS-218, TCGS-8806, TCGS-8818, TCGS-8888, TCTV-278, TCTV-438
PowerTel: M6000
PremierCel: 3045tv
Premio: P450, P700, S51 MT6580
Prestigio: PMT3157-3G MT6580, PSP3471-Duo SC7731x, PSP3507 sc8830, PSP3508DUO, PSP3510-Duo SC7731m, PSP5504-Duo
Prince: T760
Pritel: P16 SC6533G
Privileg: TV2-Focus, TV3-WIFI, X2-Joy, X6, X7
Priviler: TV3-wifi
Prolink: F1000
Pulid: D1689
Q-Tab: Q100, Q1000, Q1100, Q300, Q400, Q800, Q850, V6
Q-Titano: Bos
Qbest: Q380-B
Qiao-Shong: QS840, QS880
QiaoSheng: QS840, QS880
Qisheng: P83-TV
Qlinks: Q60
QMobile: 117, 151-2019 SC7731E, 212, 3G1, 3G5, A10, A11, A110, A115, A12, A120, A15, A170, A2, A20, A290, A300, A34, A36, A400, A5-Classic, A50, A500, A51, A55, A550, A6, A6-Noir, A60, A600, A610, A63, A65, A650, A7, A70, A700, A75, A750, A8, A80, A8i, A9, A900, A900i, A910, A950, A96, B100, B120, B170, B18, B25, B255, B260, B45, B5, B500, B55, B6, B60, B600, B65, B65 SC6531, B70, B8, B80, B800, B85, B90, Black-Two SC7731C, Black-Two SC7731x, Blue-5 MT6580, Bolt-T480, C10, C12, C15, C3, Commando-2, D1 SPD6531, D10, D2, D2 SPD6531, D3, D4, D4 SC6531, D6, Dhoom-Trio SC6531EFM, Diamond-1 SC6531, Double SC6531E, Dual-One, Dual-One MT6580, E10, E100, E1000, E1000-Party SC6531EFM, E11, E120, E125, E150, E16, E18, E195, E2 SC6533G, E2-Noir MT6735, E20, E200, E2000 SC6530, E2000 SC6533G, E3-Dual, E4, E4 MT6261, E4-plus, E40, E400, E400-Pro, E440, E5, E50, E500, E500 SC6530, E6, E6-Pro SC6531E, E6-Pro SC6531E, E60, E600-Music-2020 SC6531EFM, E600-Music-V3 MT6261, E740, E750, E755, E760, E770, E775, E787i, E790, E8, E85, E850, E850+, E860, E875, E880, E890, E9, E90, E900, E95, E990, Eco-200 SC6531E, Eco-200-Classic, Eco1, Energy-X1, Energy-X1, Energy-X1 MT6580, Energy-X2 MT6580, F1 MT6261, F22, F220, F23, F252, F363, F55, F6-V2 MT6261, F680, Fancy-5 MT6580, Fire, Fire SC7731E, Fire-Plus MT6580, FireLight SC6531E, G100, G120, G15-Music SC6531EFM, G175, G200, G220, G250, G3 MT6261, G3 MT6261, G300, G400, G6 SC6531EFM, G6-Mini RDA8851A, G7, G7 MT6261, Gabbar SC6531EFM, Gabbar2 SC6531EFM, H40, HD-Plus SC9850x, HD-Plus sp9850ka, Hero-One MT6261, Hot-Pro sp9863a, HP-Plus, HP-Plus SC9850, i10, i10-2019-QSmart SC7731E, i10-2020 SC7731E, i10i-Pro MT6570, i12, I2, I2, i2 sc8830, i2-Power sc8830, I2-Pro, i4, i440, i5, I5 MT6582, i5-2019 sp7731e, I5.5 sc8830, i5i, i5i, i5i-2018 SC7731E, i5i-2019 SC7731E, I5i-Classic, i6, I6-Metal MT6580, i6-Metal SC7731, I6-Metal-1, i6-Metal-2017, i6-Metal-2017 MT6580, i6-Metal-2018 SC7731E, I6-Metal-HD, I6-Metal-One, I6-Metal-One, i6-Metal-One MT6580, I6-Metal-V2 SC7731, i6i, I6i MT6580, i7, i71, i7i, I7i SPD773x, I7i-Pro, i7i-Pro SC7731C, i8, i8i, i8i sc8830, i8i-2019, i8i-2019 SC7731E, i8i-pro SC7731, i8i-Pro SC7731C, i8i-Pro-II sc7731e, i8i-Pro-II sp7731e, i9, i9 MT6582, Infinity-C, Infinity-E MT6580, Infinity-E-Lite MT6580, Infinix-Slim sp7731, J1 MT6735, J1000, J1000 SC6531EFM, J2000 SC6531, J2000 SC6531E, J5, J5500, J7, J7-Pro MT6735, Jazz-JS1, K100 SC6531, K135, K135 6531, K145, k150, K150 SC6531, K160, K160 SC6533G, K170, K650 SC6531E, King-Kong-Max MT6750, L1, L1-Classic, L1-classic SC6531, L1-classic SC6531, L103 SC6533G, L106 SC6531EFM, L113, L15, L1i-Classic RDA8851L, L2, L2 SC6531, L20-Pro-Lite SC6531EFM, L2i, L3, L3 SC6531, L4, L7, L7 SC653x, L8i, LT100, LT100 SC983x, LT100 SC983x, LT150, LT250, LT360, LT360 SC9850x, LT360 sp9850ka, LT500, LT500 SC9832, LT550, LT550 sc8830, LT550 SC983x, LT550 SP9832A, LT600-Pro MT6737, Lt700-Prp, LT900, LT900, LT900 MT6739, LT950 MT6739, M1, M10, M100, M2, M20, M22, M3 SPD6531, M350, M350, M350 MT6580, M400, M450, M5, M500, M550, M700, M80, M800, M82i, M82i SC773x, M88, M88 SC773x, M9, M90, M900, M95, M95-V1, M99, Max4, ME114, Metal-Icon MT6261, N230, N230 MT6261, N230 RDA8851X, N333 SC6531, Night SC6531, Night-Club 6531EFM, Noi-A650, Noir, Noir I6I, Noir-A290, Noir-I5, Noir-I6I, Noir-i7i-Pro, Noir-LT500, Noir-LT700, Noir-M95, Noir-S1-Lite SC7731C, Noir-S5, Noir-W80, Noir-X2, Noir-X30, Noir-Z8, Paris SC6530, Paris SC6531, Phantom-P1 sp9863a, Phantom-P2-Max MT6570, Phantom-P2-Pro, Power-1, Power-1-Pro, Power-1000, Power-14, Power-14 SC6531EFM, Power-4000 SC6531EFM, Power-6, Power-8, Power-8-v2 SC6531E, Power-9-pro SC6531, Power2-Pro, Q-Infinity-B SC7731x, Q-Infinity-C sc7731C, Q-Infinity-C SC773x, Q-Infinity-E sc7731C, Q-Infinity-Prime MT6739, Q-Smart-4G SC6530, Q11, Q11 SC6533G, Q126, Q130 SC6531EFM, Q150, Q18, Q180, Q20, Q212, Q213, Q215, Q218, Q24, Q25, Q25i, Q26, Q266, Q26i, Q27, Q28, Q28i, Q29, Q3-Plus SC6531, Q33, Q3310-Mini SC653x, Q37, Q38, Q3i, Q4, Q400, Q510, Q55, Q61, Q63, Q66, Q73, Q8, Q88, Q99, QMini SC6531EFM, QSmart-Canopus MT6580, QSmart-Gli-Lite SC7731E, QSmart-i10-2020 sp7731e, QSmart-i6i-2020 SC7731E, QSmart-LT200, QSmart-LT900 MT6739, QSmart-LT950 MT6739, QSmart-X20 sp9863a, Qtab-Q50, QTab-V100, R-395, R1000, R1100, R200, R250, R300, R3000, R350, R370, R390, R400, R650 SC6530, R740, R750, R800, R900 SC6530, R900 SC6533G, Razar-Z MT6261, Rocket-Pro SC9832E, S1, S1, S1 MT6582, S1-Lite, S1-Pro, S150, S2, S2 MT6580, S2 MT6580, S200, S250, S250 MT6261, S250 MT6261, S250-plus-v2 MT6261, S3, S300, S4 MT6580, S6, S6-plus MT6580, S6-plus MT6580, S6S, S6S MT6580, S8 MT6580, S8-Plus sc8830, S9 MT6580, Samba 6531EFM, Smart, Smart SC7731E, Smart-Power sp7731e, Star-Music SC65xx, Super-Phone-SP2000 MT6261, Super-Rock SC6531EFM, T200, T250 SC7731G, T360, T400, T5, T50, T500, T550, T630, Touch-2, Tube-Light SC6531EFM, Tubelight 6531E, V2, V4, V5, W15, W20, W20 MT6580, W200, W35, W50, W50 SC773x, W50 sc8830, W7, W8, X1, X100, X11, X150, X2, X2 MT6571, X2-Music, X200, X220, X225, X25, X25 MT6572, X250, x29, X2i-3F, X3, X30, X30 MT6572, X30-V3, X300, X32, X32, X32 SC773x, X32-Power sc7731C, X32-V2, X33, X33 sc7731C, X35, X35 MTK6572, X36, X36 SC7731, X36 SC77xx, X36 sc8830, X4, X400, X450, X5, X500, X550, X6, X6 MT6571, X60, X600, X6i, X7, X70, X700, X700-Pro, X700-Pro-2 MT6580, X700-PRO-II, X700-Pro-Lite MT6580, X700i, X80, X800, X90, X90 MT6572, X95, X950, XL-100 6531EFM, XL3000 SC6530, XL50-Pro, XLi, XLi SC7731E, XLi SC7731E, XLi sp7731e, Z10, Z12, Z12 MT6735, Z12-Pro, Z14, Z14 MT6755, Z14 MT6755, Z3, Z4, Z4-Mini, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z8 MSM8916, Z8-Plus, Z9
QNet: S8-Plus sc8830
QPhone: Q50
Qruz: V1425
QSmart: 4G-plus SC9820E, GLi-Lite SC7731E, i10-2019 SC7731E, i5i-2019 SC7731E, LT200 sp9850ka, X40 SC9863
QTab: 200 MT6580, Q300, Q50, Q850, V100, V2-2018 312A, V3-Plus, V500, V500
Quantum: Q-Wave-70M2, Tab-Q-Wave-71M
Quitel: C8 MT6580
Rage: 35g, Ace, Bold-2400, Bravo, Magic-40BX, Magic-Swift, Octaone-5.0, Optima-Smart-G40, Rapid, RD120, RU-2000-TV, Silk, Storm, Thunder+
Rainbow-mts: S189
Range: RD110
Rangs: D2, J4, J5, S100 SC6531
Reach: RD330, RD60, RT-15i
Redmi: 2014817, 3S, 3S-Prime, 4X-MAI132, Note-5-MEI7, Note3, Note4-2016100, Y1-Lite-MDI6
RedStar: 901, 902-TV, 910
Reeder: M7-Go-2019 SC7731
RegeBold: 2401
Rel: HT16 MT6580
Reliance: Classic-7310, Classic-7610
Rex: P990
Richmax: S17
Richtech: K61
RichTel: A-VE-07
Ritmix: RMD-753
Rivo: B-10, F100, Mi4i, Neo-N310, Phantom-PZ10, Phantom-PZ15, PZ100, RHYTHM-RX90, Rhytm-RX-40, Rhytm-RX-60, Rhytm-RX65, Rx100, RX40, Rx48, RX55, Rx65, Rx75 MT6582, RX88, RX88 MT6580, S500, S620, Sapphire-S600, X40
Rivo-Mobile: Classic-C110, R40
Rocker: R111, R513i, RX15, V104
Rocktel: S239
Rocky: 2008
Rokca: R5570
Rokea: 007, R222, R3
Rokia: R212
Rolex: HK010, K8
Royal: S3588
Safaricom: Neon-Ray
Safariom: Neon-Ray-Pro
Safeer: 8800
Sagem: my150x, my220v, my220x, my225x, my226
Salyelisomw: 598
Sambao: K709, N78, N78i, N87, N95, N97
Samd: 900, 908, 918
Samkung: TV168
Samoi: T818
Sampo: GK8800
Samsking: V11, V12, V21, V21i
Samsong: E318
Samsonic: U800+
Samsunc: U800, U900, W579
Samsung: 110E, A56, B110E, B300, B310E, C140, C140i, C260, C260M, C266, C300, C7000, E1200Y, E1205Y, E1282T, E900, G5308W, G530H, Galaxy-S6-SM-G920F, Galaxy-Tab-7-M706, GT-B310E, GT-B313E, GT-E1200i, GT-E1200R, GT-E1202i, GT-E1207y, GT-E1270, GT-E1272, GT-E1280, GT-E1280T, GT-E1282T, GT-E2200, GT-E2202, GT-I9082, I8262, I8551, I9060, J5, J700h, N900, SCH-B139, SCH-B189, SCH-B239, SCH-B259, SCH-B279, SCH-B309, SCH-B319, SCH-B379, SCH-B399, SCH-B619, SCH-E159, SCH-F302, SCH-F309, SCH-F679, SCH-S189, SCH-S229, SCH-S259, SCH-S269, SCH-S279, SCH-S299, SCH-S339, SCH-X609, SM-910U, SM-G5308W, SM-G5500, X120, X140
Sands: A203, A203i, A209, A303, A303i, A8, P908
Sanei: N60
Sang-Teng: Q7, Q7+, Q8+
Sanke: S1
Sanno: 268, 6618, A88, L3, N82y, N96i, N97, N97i, N98, N98k, T008, T628+
Sansui: S40, S45, S455120, S48, SA4011, V847, V909, V919, V929
Sanxing: E415, E70, E78, V52
Sany-Ericsson: W810i
Sanyo: S750
Satabi: 1101, 2702, 2sim, 5102
ScellPhone: TG01
Schauen: N16
SCiPhone: G2, i68, i68+, i69+, i86, i9+++, i99+, L88, S18
Scny-Ericoson: X5
Scny-Esicsson: K808
ScnyEricsscn: U80
Scool: TZ209HIFI
Seatel: L2, V8A
SED: 838+, 950, AK606, AK606i, B908, B908-PDA, D968, DJ120, N08, N6128, S1000, SA833, V628, V630, V638, V639, V889, V890, X520, X688, X688-2sim, X689, X689+, X698, X716, X827, X941, Y690
Selecline: S2-2019 MT6739
Semobi: T1
Sendtel: EV530, Q800
SeniorPhone: 1055
Sentel: 81
Senwa: S340 sc7715
SerteC: X3
Seven: DR1, DS2, DS3, DS4
SFR: 101, 1080, 111, 114, 115, 116, 118, 121, 122, 123, 132, 151, 195, 227, 228, 228FM, 231, 232, 241, 242, 251, 251-Messenger-Edition, 261, 341, 342, 343, 344, 3440, 522, Staraddict, Starnaute-Noir, StarTrail-Titanium
SharedPhone: SPI006
Sharp: Aquos-M1 MT6753
Shen-Matel: V7+
Sheng-Bao: 98+
ShengBao: 98+, 98++, A1000
Siba: 2632
Siccoo: S5050
SICO: Express3-Max sp7731e, Plus-2, SSR3
Sict: GC007
Siemens: AP75, CFX65, CL75, SFG75, ST55, ST60
Sigma: 105
Sigmatel: 3600, 5130, 6100, 6110, 7700, 800, 988+, E588, FXD, FXD-6100, FXD-9000, FXD-S22, FXD-S30, FXD-S77, FXD-T99i, FXD-TV60, H1, HXD-6700, HXD3600, LXD, N77A, Q7, S1, S18, S2, S22, S3, S3+, S30, S30i, S33, S4, S400, S5, S500, S66, S76, S77, S7700, S7700-GPRS, S7700-non-GPRS, S80, S80i, S81, S83, S88, S9, S90, S9000, S90i, S91, S92, S96, S98, Si, T2, T300, T33, T33+, T33i, T55, T66, T96, T99, T99+, T99i, V88, W333, W999
Sigsong: S520
Sillwanis: B7
SilverCrest: SH100
Silwanis: 6303, B777, X300
Simbao: A800, A888, A890, A898
Simcom: TPS390
Simoco: SM1000, SM1100, SM1200, SM234, SM298, SM322, SM366, SM377, SM399, SM466, SM488, SM498, SM499, SM611, SM633, SM700, SM966, SM988, SM999
Simtel: MStar
Simtelep: G-Star, Mstar
Singsong: S658
Sino: V66
Sinocom: K52
Siragon: SP-5150 SC983x
Sitronics: SM8190, SM8290, SMD-104, SMD-105
Sking: 7100, D501, G7100, I9080, N309, S5888, S8, X2
SKK-Mobile: Aura-Spike SC7731, Phoenix+
Sky: Cool-3.5, SK1
SkyBee: 83RY
Skyline: i6
SkyMIX: 100, 300
SkyPhone: 318, 606
Skyway: GC800
Skyworth: AK606, GMGB100, T508
Skyzen: EZ100, EZ1000, EZ200, EZ300, EZ400, EZ500, EZ600, EZ700, EZ800, Hummer-HT2, N101, S3, S6, S8, ST1
Slym: N718, N728, TV
Smadl: D31, N96i, S610
Smarj: S70
Smart: G831, G850, Leto-II, S-400, S100, S200, S400, S701, V555, V555-TwinCamera, V570, V800, V810, V840
Smartfren: V3S-PD6D1J
SmartGrand: L5581 MT6737m
Smartphone: TQ-K902
SmartWatch: DZ09, Q18 MT6261
Smile: E6208, Q5 MT6580, S1, Z3
Snexian: M5022
Snoy-Eriosscn: X5
Soda: Fire MT6739, S1 MT6735
Soho: G700a
Solo: ASPIRE 1C, Aspire-1C
Somtel: S2-03
Sonaki: S888
Song: A168, W668
SongLive: C2000, X1
Sonica: N8
Sony: E4i, X-bo-V11, X-bo-V3+, X-bo-V6
Sony-Ericsson: J100(i), J110a, J110i, J120i, J121i, J132, K200a, K200i, K205i, K220i, K330, R300, R306, T250i, T280i, T303, Z250a, Z250i, Z320i
Soon-Ersson: K520i, K530i, K610i, K620i
Sotel: C500, C5000, N82y+, N95Y, N95y+
SouthEast: 818
Spice: D80, D88, D88N, D90, F302 MT6735, M3636, M4242, M4250, M4580, M4580DV, M5004, M5006, M5008, M5016, M5020, M5021, M5025, M5032, M5050, M5151, M5161, M5161n, M5162, M5163, M5200N, M5208, M5249, M5251, M5252, M5351, M5355, M5361, M5367, M5370, M5371, M5373, M5377, M5389, M5396, M5403, M5406, M5408, M5430, M5454, M5566, M5611, M5615, M5701, M5916, M5917, M5918, M5920, M6000, M6060, M6110, M6110n, M6111, M6262, M6363, M9010, M940, M940N, Mi-347, Mi-348e, Mi-354, Mi-356, Mi-358, Mi-359, Mi-362, Mi-401, Mi-402, Mi-403E, Mi-423, Mi-426, Mi-431, Mi-436, Mi-438, Mi-439, Mi-442, Mi-451, Mi-498, Mi-503, Mi-504, Mi-505, Mi-506, Mi-508, Mi-509, Mi-535, Mi-600, QT-44, QT-50, QT-52, QT-55, QT-58, QT75, S300, S400, S404, S404N, S410, S415, S450, S5, S500, S5110, S525, S530, S5330, S535, S540, S545, S555, S570, S580, S590, S600, S600N, S640, S650, S7, S700, S7000, S705, S707, S707n, S710, S8, S800, S808, S820, S9, S900, S920, S940, X1, Xlife-425, XLife-431Q
Sprint: 7700, 7710, D300, D44, P50, S60
Spyker: C8-Laviolette
ST-Mobile: S80
Star: B11, GPS-X10, N8
Star-TV: GPS-X10
StarLight: Madrid MT6735, Safari MT6739, Star-Plus-Omega MT6580
StarMobile: Muse, Play-Five, UpMax
Start: M11
Startech: ST21i, ST22, ST67, ST88
StarWorks: M448
Stoe: S400
Stone: S400, S700, S900
Storm: K52
Strawberry: Shine
Stream: B1s-S40285
Strike: T915PC
Stylo: S40-Vino MT6580, S64-Alpha MT6761
Suaahoo: S709
Subini: MG532
Sucee-Tong: 908, 918, 928, 928i, 998
Sucom: X279
Sugar: Y12s MT6739
Suiya: SY-08, SY-88
Sumsang: 840, QS840
Sun: N86, N87, N87i, N98, N99
Sunberry: S55
SunCorp: A68
Sunforce: K600, K600i, K800, K800i
Sunlup: DM8801
Sunpa: S200
Sunrise: T868
SunSky: S27
Sunstech: Tab-10-DualC RK3066
Suntec: E592
Suntek: A200
Suny-ericssom: Cyber-shot-P999, K770, K900
SunyEricssun: T707
SuperFone: SF-9080
Supertab: S7
Surfing: Tab-C-3G
SVA: F08
Svmsunc: i908
Swaahoo: S709, S93, S95, S96, S97
Swatch: M300, Nova-N800
Swatch-Mobile: M300
Swipe: Elite-2-plus, Elite-Plus, Elite-Power MSM8909, Elite-Star, Konnect-4E, Konnect-4EPL, Konnect-4EV2, Konnect-5.1-Eco, Konnect-Star
Symphony: A70, B12, B12 MT6261, B2, B2i, B31i, B32, B32i, B3i, B9, BL50, C100, C105, D24, D26, D31i, D40, D42, D45, D46i, D52i, D56i, D57, D60, D65, D67, E10, E5 SC6820, E58, E75, E80 SP7731CEB, E82, E82 MT6570, E90, E90 SC7731E, EX75, EX85, FT31, FT36i, FT42, FT45, FT46, G10 SC9832E, G100 MT6739, GoFox-F15, H100, H120, H200, H400, I10, i10 MT6580, i110 MT6735, i15, i15 SC7731E, i20, i65 MT6739, i70 MT6580, i95, i97 SC9863, L100 SC6531C, L15, L20, L22, L25, L30, L90 6531EFM, M42, M82, P6, P6-Pro, P7, P7-Pro MT6737M, P9-Plus, P9-plus MT6735, R30, R40 SC7731E, Roar-V20 MT6570, S101, S103, S105, S200, S90, V100, V110 SPD7731, V120 MT6580, V128 SP7731E, V130 SC773x, V140 MT6580, V145, V145 SC9832E, V150, V155 MT6739, V20 MT6570, V25, V32 MT6580, V40, V42 SC77xx, V46, V49, V50, V70, V75, V92, V92 MT6580, V94 sp7731e, V95 MT6580, V98 SC7731E, V98 SC7731E, W125, W130, W15i, W16, W17, W18, W20, W21, W21-2G, W30, W31, W32, W65i, W66, W67, W68, W68Q, W69, W690Q, W71, W71i, W71i MT6572, W72, W82, W85, W86, W95, X94, ZIII
Syntax: K11
T-Mobile: Affinity, Beat, E200-Vibe, Energy, Unity, Vairy-Touch, Vairy-Touch-II, Vivacity, X760, Zest
TAG: Heuer-RM267v, L21
Taixing: D008
Tambo: TA-1 MT6739, TA-2, TA-40 MT6739
Tasen: US2
Taxco: DM79, DM87, M5, TX12, TX60, W10
TCell: S202
TCL: 3188+, 3188M, 3188U, 4024D, 4047d-u5-3g, 5045X, 5051d MSM8909, 718, 728, 738, A288, D569, D659, E330, GQ05, M361, M388, M530, M580, M586, M819, P502U, P502U MT6735M, Q39, Q510, Q515, Q550, T106, T108, T550, T558, T766, T939, U58, U80, V18, V6
Tecall: T200, T300
Techno: IN2, T220, T630, X780i
Tecmor: T222, T225
Tecno: A9, B1F MT6580, B2, BF1 MT6580, C8, C9, CA6 MT6735, CA8, Camon-12 MT6765, Camon-12-Air-KC3 MT6765, Camon-12-CC7, Camon-15-CD7 MT6765, CD7 MT6765, CF7 MT6739, CF8, CF8 MT6765, CX MT6755, CX-Air MT6735, D100, F1-Pro MT6580, F3 MT6580, G9 MT6582, H3, H5, I3 MT6735, ID5b MT6765, IN-2, IN1 MT6739, IN1-Pro, IN2, IN2 MT6739, IN3 MT6735, K8 MT6735, KA7, KA7 MT6580, KB3-Camon-iSKY-3 MT6761, KC1 MT6761, KC1H MT6761, KC2 MT6761, LA7 MT6739, LB6 MT6580, LB7 MT6739, M280, M5, MP3, N9, N9 MT6737M, Phantom-6, Pop-2-Pro MT6580, Pop-2F-B1F MT6580, R8O-Pro MT6735, RA7 MT6739, RA8 MT6761, RB6S sp9832e, SA2S, SA75 SC7731E, SA7s sp7731e, SC7S, Spark-3-KB7j MT6761, Spark-4 MT6761, Spark-4-KC2 MT6761, Spark-4-Lite MT6761, Spark-5 MT6761, Spark-5-Pro MT6765, Spark-Go MT6761, Spark-TC1, ST600, ST880, T277, T324, T330, T340, T341, T342, T345, T349, T400, T470 MT6261, T570, T600, T7, T727, T800, T880, T950, V410, V500, V801, V90i, W1 MT6580, W2 MT6580, W5, w5-Clone, WX3-H8014 MT6580, WX4, X200, X200i, X210, Y4
Tecnoshow: TC8898
TeddyPhone: I3300
Teksun: Xunhu MT6580
Telcel: Z11
Tele2: Midi
Telefunken: TCP-002, TELC-73GIQ
Telego: C3782, Q5, T6, T7, V808, W408, X1, X2
Telenor: Infinity-4G MT6735, Infinity-A2 MT6735, Infinity-A2 MT6737, Infinity-A2 MT6737M, Infinity-A2 MT6737M, Infinity-E2-L108 MT6735, Infinity-E3 MT6735, Infinity-E4 SC9832E, Infinity-E5 MT6739, Infinity-i, Infinity-i4 MT6737, Infinity-i5, Infinity-K MT6735, Infinity-K2, Infinty-A, Smart-Pro, Smart-Pro SC773x
Telit: T200, T250
Telsda: 319, 319+, 349, A318D, B1000, E65, i310, KQ108, T090, T915, TS617, TS627, TS637
TengYu: N86, N98+
Tesco: T3
Tesco-Mobile: Mojo-Chat
Tethin: S350
Tevion: MD96110
TGW: 706
Thin: K600+, K900+
Thin-Mobile: K6+
ThinMobile: K1+, K6+
Thomsom: TLINK455 MT6572
Thomson: T610H, TH102, TN320, TN710
Thrus: D98
Tian-Wai: 508
Tianxin: H003, H003+
Tianyu: A699, B830, B832, M99, S655, X555
Tichcell: A07
Tiger: 7710, 7712+, 7718, KF928
Tinmo: F100 MT6580, F2010, F800, F9
Tinno: C800, E01c, HD100, S4031A, S5201, T500, T670, TV900, TV990, X66A+
Tinstar: S500
Tintele: S2, TT-N1-Black, TT-N1-Gold, TT-V2, TT-V300, TT-V33
TipTop: M11, T22
Titan: V70, V71
Titanic: T-70 sc7731g
TM: MID710
TMN: 1210, 500, 5000, BlackStone, BlueBelt-I, BlueBelt-II, Easy, Sapo-A5, Script, SilverBelt, Softstone
TOCS: C001, C64, C68, M52
Tonga: M108
Tonsin: MM79
Top: P9, S21, S23+
Top1: V366
Torque: D80, D90, Droidz-EAS
Tosello: Spatola
Toshiba: TS10, TS30, TS608
Toshibo: Q300, V118, V8, V9+
Touch: 568, D300
Touch-Diamond: Hi7
TouchMate: e-Tab-TM-MID710, TM-MID-712, TM-MID-755
TouchPhone: i9
TP-Link: Neffos-C5a MT6580, Neffos-TP802a MSM8909, Neffos-X1-Lite MT6755, TP601A MSM8x09
Trend: T100, T101, T181, T200, T300, T303, T450, T500, T505, T555, T786
Trident: MB-1100, MB-700T-3, W-T8
Trio: Selfie3-T45, T1, Trendy-T1, V51-DT SC983x
TrueSmart: 4G-Speedy-4.0 MT6735
Trus: D98, D99
TSD: T619, TD630, TS806
TTK: 98, N82
TTN: DSX-900
TTN-Mobile: D530i
TV: 6700, 7000, 7700, 868DQ, N99i, T88
TV-Mobile: A2688, AK09, C5000, S2, V702
TvMobile: C702, G10, Q1, T737, T88
Twee: A579, ST88
Twice: 1105i
Twings: T600 SC6530
TwinSim: T60, T99
Twoe: E500A MT6580
Ubislate: 7CZ
UCall: M108
Ufo: 833, 995, Digital-Mobile
Ufone: G3510, G5500, G6600, G7600, Smart-U5, TPS350-biometric-device MT6580
Ulefone: S7 MT6580, S9-Pro MT6739
Ultra-Slim: M9
UMI: Plus-E
Umidigi: A3 MT6739, London MT6580
Unihertz: Atom MT6763
Uninor: G-S212, S212
Unistar: U61, U925
UP-Tec: TV-Mobile
Upptel: V700
Usha-Lexus: 2020B, 303B, 777B, 789B, 800B, 828B, 838B, 858B, 877B, UL2104
UTEC: S898
UTstarcom: C2011B, C620, CL1135, CL381EN, G520, GFM114CP, GLP138GT, GLP138GTN, GLPF1114MX, GLPL138MX, GLPL148SV, GPF1134CA, GPF198, GPFE1238, GPFE1258, GPFE128en, GPFL1238CW, GPFM1238, GPFM1238CL, GPPE1238CW, GPPE1238ENR, GPRS1328, GPRS568, GPRS748, GPRS749, GPRS758, GPRS778, GPRS779, GPT2085, GPT380EN, GSM708, GSM718, GSM719, GTX212, GTX212CA, TE1201SV
V-Fone: 328
Vadra: V7i
Vaic: A1900, A618, Strike-TV-Mobile, T800
Vaio: 5MP, 7MP, A328, A447, A968
Vairy: Touch, Touch-II
Vandroid: S3c
Vave: S70
VCall: 829, V329, V850, V929
VDF: 200 sc773x
Veeta: T18
Vell-Com: VE-1209, VE07
Vellcom: V07, V07W, VE-07, VE-09, VE-1209, VE07, X2-02
Vemo: K630i
Venus: C9000, S90, V300, V308, V800, V900
Veon: A280, A48, A68, S303, T10
Veptu: 8088, N888, N888c, N888i
Vergatario: 5
Vertex: Impress-Bear SP9832A
Vertice: C5+
Verto: 899
Verykool: i115, i119, i121, i126s, i250, i270, i280, i300, i305, i405, i410, i500, i600, i603, i605, i700, i720, S353, T742
Veva: S90
VFD: 200
VFone: B18 sc8830, Moon sc8830
Vgotel: I-Classic, I-Classic, i-Smart SC983x, i10-Classic SC6531E, i100, i111 SC6531, i20 MT6261, i200, i210, I251 SC6531, i3, i400, i499 MT6261, I550, I550 MT6261, I550 MT6261, I550 SC6531, I550-Plus MT6261, i7, i700 MT6261, i800 MT6261, New-7 MT6580, Ocean-6 sc7731C, Ocean-6 SP7731CEA, Ocean-9 sc8830, Ocean-9l SC983x, Ocean1, Ocean9L SC983x, Oceans-5, P2, P4, P5, S100, S100 SC6531, S200 MT6261, S200 MT6261, Smart-7 sp9863a, Super-Jumbo-i700, V12 MT6735, V2, V2+ SC6531, Venture-V10 MT6580, Venture-V12 MT6735, Venture-V2, Venture-V8 MT6580
Victor: VG811, VM09, VM13, VM5, VM92
Vida: i501 MT6580
Videocan: Z41-lite+
Videocon: A15+, A16, A29, A29F, A45, F290, V1300, V1305, V1306, V1402, V1403, V1405, V1420, V1422, V1455, V1521, V1523, V1534+, V1555, V1560, V1561, V1565, V1585, V1602, V1604, V1675, V1750, V502830, V503418, vPhone, Z30, Z40, Z45, Z45-Dazzle, Z45q, Z45Q-Star, Z55-Krypton, Zest-Lite
Viettel: 6216, V6202, V6206
Vigo: V20
Vigoo: C3000, K791, K902, K918, Xpress-Music-K918
Vigy: Mini
Vimaxx: V88
Viniy: 1500
Vinko: G3, IP6, NX2000, Z10
Vinovo: S2 MT6580
Violet: Pad-V
Virgin: Fly-SX200, Lobster-485, Lobster-544, Lobster-575, MicroSnapper, V-Slide, V-Touch, VM621i
VirtuV: V989
Vision: H8
Vitel: TSM1, TSM2, TSM3, TSM4, TSM5m, TSM6
Vitell: V212, V222, V720, V907
Vitu: Mars-9 sc7731C
Viva: Q201
Vivax: Fly V550, Fly-V550
Vivi: S8+ MT6580
Vivo: 1603, 1610 MSM8917, 1610-Y55s, 1716, 1716-V7+, 1718, 1723, 1724, 1808 MT6765, 1808-Y81 MT6765, 1812 MT6761, 1820 MT6765, 1823 MT6765, 1901 MT6765, 1915 MT6768, 1938 MT6765, S1 MT6768, S1-1907 MT6768, S1-PD1913F MT6768, V11-Pro-1804 MSM8956, V15, V15-1819 MT6771, V3, V3M MT6755, V5-Plus-1611 MSM8953, V7, V7-Plus, V7-plus-1716 MSM8953, V9, V9 MSM8953, V9-1723 MSM8953, V9-Youth-1727 MSM8953, X9-PD1616 MSM8953, Y12, Y12/Y15-1901 MT6765, Y15 MT6582, Y15 MT6765, Y17 MT6765, Y17 MT6765, Y19 MT6768, Y21L, Y28 MT6582, Y30 MT6765, Y31L MSM8916, y51, Y51L, Y53 MSM8917, Y53-1606 MSM8917, Y53-PD1628F, Y55L, Y55L-1603 MSM8937, Y55S, Y55S-1603 MSM8917, Y55S-1610 MSM8917, Y65, Y66-1609 MT6755, Y69 MT6755, Y69-1714 MT6755, Y71, Y71 MSM8917, Y71-1724 MSM8917, Y71-PD1731F MSM8917, Y71i MSM8917, Y81 MT6765, Y81-1803 MT6765, Y81-1808 MT6765, Y83, Y83 MT6765, Y83-1802, Y83-1802 MT6765, Y85-1726 MT6765, Y854 MSM8953, Y85A, Y9-Youth-1727 MSM8953, Y90 MT6761, Y90-1908 MT6761, Y91 MT6765, Y91-CPH1820 MT6765, Y91C MT6765, Y91c-1820 MT6765, Y91i-1820-19 MT6765, Y93 MT6765, Y95-1807 MSM8937
Viwa: i7, i7 SC7731
VK-Mobile: VG207, VK1500, VK180, VK200, VK2000, VK200_unlock, VK2010, VK2020, VK2030, VK207i, VK3100, VK4000, VK4500, VK500, VK518, VK520, VK530, VK540, VK550, VK560, VK570, VK580, VK700, VK800, VK900
VL: F640
VLife: V1
VMobile: Spiphone MT6580
Vnus: Moon-M24 sc7731g
Vodacom: Kicka-4-Plus MT6580, Kicka-4-VE, Kicka-5 MT6580
Vodafone: 123, 1230, 1231, 125, 135, 145, 150, 225, 225FM, 226, 226FM, 227, 228, 235, 250, 252, 330FM, 331, 340, 345, 351, 500 MT6737M, 501, 541, 543, 547, 550, 553, 785, 945, Indie, SMART-Mini7-VFD-300, Smart-Tab-4, Smart-Turbo-7, Smart-turbo7, SmartTab-4, Tab-v1100, V1100, VDF-300-Mini-7 MT6580, VDF-500, VDF-600, VF-895N, VF685, VF695, VFD-1100, VFD-200, VFD-300, VFD-700 MT6755, VFD100, VFD700 MT6755
Voice: Q7, V10, V10i, V12, V120, V121, V130, V14, V144, V15, V150, V155, V160, V165, V174, V175, V177, V180, V190, V20, V2022 SC6531EFM, V21, V22, V30, V40, V41, V440, V540, V550, V555, V666, V70, V750, V777, V80, V9, V950, V970 SC6531, XTreme-V14, XTreme-V15, XTreme-V25, XTreme-V60, XTreme-X3
Voice-Mobile: V31, V45, V51
Vonino: Epic-E8 MT6737M
Voto: V9 MT6739
Vox: Kick-K5, V6666
Voxtel: 1iD, 2iD, 3iD, BD50, BD60, RX11, RX600, RX800, V350, V50, V500, VS600, VS800
Voxx: V9
VS&ME: V300
VSmart: Bee-V220B MT6739
VSUN: Capture MT6582, NOTE, Vtab-3G MT6580
VTech: V6
Vtelca: Caribe
Vtouch: V7101
W-Tide: 6620i
Wailung: N82+
Walton: C2, D8s, EF2, EF3, Em, F5, F6, F8s MT6580, G7, G8i SC7731E, GH3, GH7 MT6580, GH7i MT6580, H8-Turbo MT6739, HM2, L7 SC6531E, NF, NF4 MT6739, Primo MT6580, Primo-C2, Primo-D1, Primo-D2, Primo-E1, Primo-E3, Primo-E7-Plus, Primo-EF3, Primo-EF4, Primo-EF6+, Primo-EF8-4G SC9832E, Primo-F2, Primo-GF2, Primo-GH2, Primo-GH4, Primo-GH5, Primo-GM, Primo-GM2+, Primo-H3, Primo-H5, Primo-H8 MT6739, Primo-NF, Primo-S3, R6-Max, RH2, RX2, X1
Watch: Q2
WatchPhone: A007, Apoda, M500, M800, M801, M810, V2, W08, W688+, Z5000, Z5100, Z5200
WE: F1, L7, L7 MT6580
Welcome: J7-Max MT6752
Wellcom: BM1, DM1, DM2, DM3, DM5, DM8, L358, L388, SM1, W110, W111, W310, W310LCD, W330, W350, W501, W503, W520, W538, W801, W803, W810, W811, W818, W818FM, W818LCD, W819, W820, W829, W838, W910, W920, W930, W9339, W980
Wemo: T900
Wentto: DG699
Western: D110, D50, D55, D60, D80
Whahmi: W24i
WhiteCherry: BL2000
Widetel: WT-T600
Wiko: Fever, Freddy, Harry2-W-V600 MT6739, HIGHWAY-SIGNS, Hurry MT6735, IGGY, JERRY, Jerry-3 MT6580, Lenny, Lenny-4 MT6580, Lenny-5 MT6580, Lenny2, Lubi2, P4661AN, Pulp-Fab, Rainbow, Sunny-2-Plus MT6580, Sunny-3-W-K120 SC7731E, SUNNY-V2502AN, Sunset, Tino-K300 MT6580, Tommy-2 MSM8909, Tommy-3 MT6739, V3963 MT6735, View-XL MSM8917, W-K600, WIM-i9051 MSM8953, Y60-W-K510 MT6739, Y80-W-V720 sp9863a
Wing: M22, M24, REX90, V55
Winmax: Tiger-X10 MT6735, W105, W108, W15, W2, W201, W207, W50, W800, WX12, Wx13
Winstar: W100, W300, W305, W5, W666, W777, W90, W903
Wintouch: M701
Wise-Tech: Wise-Tab rk3126c
WND: 2200
Wootel: B15, W200
Wowi: SQ733 sp7731e
WTB: N8-Mini
Wyncomm: Storm, W416
Wynncom: Y20
X-BO: V11, V3+
X-BQ: P14
X-Max: X1000
X-Touch: PL78
XCite: 415
XDF: N58
XDS: V890, W890
XED: X689
XEN: XN501
Xgody: G200 MT6572
Xiaomi: 2014811, HM-1S, HM-Note-1TD, HM1S, Max2 MSM8953, Mi-4i, Mi-Max, Mi-Max MSM8976, Mi-Max2, MI4I, Miui-V5, Redmi-2, Redmi-2-Prime MSM8916, Redmi-3, Redmi-3S, Redmi-4X MSM8940, Redmi-5, Redmi-5-plus, Redmi-5A, Redmi-5A MSM8917, Redmi-5A-Riva MSM8917, Redmi-Note-2, Redmi-Note-3 MT6795, Redmi-Note-3 Qualcomm, Redmi-Note-4, Redmi-Note-4x, Redmi-Note-5-plus-ME, Redmi-Note4, Redmi-Note4 MSM8953, Redmi2-LTE
XiMax: A638
XinBao: 2632, 2638
Xingtai: 338
Xingtong: 5700
Xingya: L08
Xintai: T800+, T800i, T900
XinTaio: T800+
XKSSTEL: S3+, S4, X11, X12, X16, X200, X300
Xltel: C788, G616 SC6531, S990
Xolo: 1010i, 4g, A500-Club, A500s, A600, A700, B700, Era-2X, Era-W3015, Era-X, Omega-5.0, Omega-5.5, One, Q1001, Q1020, Q1200, Q2500, Q500s, Q610, Q710s, Q800, X600
Xperia: X10
Xpress: X12, X20
XT: T600
XTelecom: X3128, X3128+, X3128B, X9118, X9128, X9138, X918, X9199
Xtouch: PF10s, PL73, X405
XTreme: X2
XTTel: C3000+, C5000+, C7000+
Xunchi: 138
Y-King: Y102
Yangfan: HK008
Yarvik: SMP53-210
Yasoma: Y133
YaXing: E50, V800, V808
Yes-Optus: D736
YessBoss: E440
Yestel: 306, 308, 5-TS, 5S, 630, 808, Asha-306, Asha-308, Java-N200, L925, Lumia-630, Lumia-808, M311
Yezz: Andy-3.5EI MT6572, Z10 SC6531
Yicheer: A5899
Yin-Ma: K100
Yingtai: TV2000, TV7000
YoYo: Y1
YU: 4711, 5010A, Yunicorn-YU5530, Yuphoria-5010a MSM8916
Yuho: Uno, Vast-Plus SC9832E, Y1-Pro MT6739
Yureka: Yu-5010
Yuwin: E9
Yxtel: A2202, A301, A85, C8, C802, C9, C900, C910, C930, E71i, E88, G009, K002, M66, Q636, W666, X88
ZC: 520TL
Zen: Admire-Fab-Q+, Admire-Sense sc8830, Admire-SXY SP7731, Admire-Unity SC9832, CG555, Cinemax-Infinty SC9850, Kult-KT05, M11, M25, M7, M72, M8i, M9, Mini, P35, P36, P37, P61-XL, Ultrafone-501, UltraFone-U303, UltraFone-U402-Pro, X12, X13, X4, X400, Z66
Zentality: C-712 MT6572
Zetel: N82y, N95y, N95Y+, N96y
Zetta: A10
Zigo: Eon-32i, Eon-45i SC7731
Zingtong: 5700
Ziox: F9-Pro SC9850
ZLT: X88
ZMC: A100
ZMEM: 1075
Zodia: F1, Z55m
Zogo: V809
Zoho: 5800, G700, S859+, S98+, V88+, W9
Zonda: 1075, 1075R, 1085, 1090, 1095, 1095R, 1099, G1840, G1860, G1880, Levis, MZ1, MZ2, MZ9, N2000, TF350, TF425, ZMax500, ZMCK870, ZMCK890, ZMCK895, ZMEM1120, ZMKN110, ZMTFTTV20, ZMTN600, ZMTN610, ZMTN615, ZMTN905, ZMUR300
Zong: 4G-Z2 MT6739, A136, R221, Z1 sc9850
Zook: H6
Zoom: Z100i
ZR: M66
ZT: 1689, 2688, 303, 3188, 321, 326, 5188, 579, 588, 6618, 6668, 710, 777, 8118, 9198, 999, C600, C92+, K699, MI3, N6168, Q7, V918
ZTC: 111, 1196, 168, 1688, 169, 2009, 268, 369, 444, 528, 532, 555, 588, 618, 6500, 6588, 660, 6618, 6628, 663, 666, 6688, 699, 777, 777i, 778, 787, 818, 8188, 866, 868, 958, A108, A168, A231, A281, A287, A5, A688, A818, A838, A868, A898, A990, B280i, C10000, C118, C2000, C300, C600, C900, D1100, D1110, D1112, D1117, D1120, D1200, D828, DC818, DC888, DY579, DY579+, E550, E71TV+, E86, F1, F16B, F480, F688, F882, F897, H18, H5, H668, H688, H998, IP9300, JC599, K118+, K119, K127, K600, K650, K650i, K700, K900, K900+, K910, L101+, L99, LV918, M1, M608, M618, M8800, M98, M99, N100, N101, N107, N328, N328-blueteech, N329, N38, N39, N6128, N689, N82, N880, N880+, N95, P8500, Q530, Q531, S500, S508, S508+, S600+, S7, S888, SL88, SlimPhone, T118, T518, T58, T63, T63i, T64, T699, T85, T85e, T88, T88i, TV200, TV8, TV88, V66, V795, V800, V8i, X668, X668+, Y200, ZT-N6128, ZT003, ZT009, ZT018, ZT019, ZT11, ZT123, ZT1588, ZT1598, ZT160, ZT168, ZT1689, ZT169, ZT188, ZT199, ZT2000, ZT2006, ZT2008, ZT2087, ZT2088, ZT2180, ZT268, ZT2688, ZT303, ZT3188, ZT321, ZT321-6226, ZT321-6228, ZT321-TVmobile, ZT325, ZT326, ZT33, ZT3328, ZT508, ZT511, ZT5168, ZT5188, ZT528, ZT5680, ZT5688, ZT58, ZT580, ZT582, ZT588, ZT588+, ZT608, ZT6099, ZT6588, ZT6618, ZT6618-PDA, ZT6628, ZT666, ZT6668, ZT668, ZT6688, ZT6698, ZT6699, ZT678, ZT68, ZT698, ZT699, ZT710, ZT8008, ZT8088, ZT8089, ZT8099, ZT8118, ZT8188, ZT82, ZT8380, ZT86, ZT868, ZT8800, ZT8828, ZT8828+, ZT888, ZT8886, ZT8898, ZT8899, ZT89, ZT890, ZT8900, ZT898, ZT918, ZT9198, ZT928, ZT9288, ZT968, ZT988, ZT989, ZT999, ZT999e, ZTM608, ZTN329, ZTS508
ZTE: 123, 125, 195, 201, 2010, 202, 203, 204, 225, 225FM, 226, 227, 228, 231, 731, 7310, 7610, 811, A12, A12+, A136, A136G, A139, A15, A16, A201, A201+, A205, A205+, A206, A208, A21-Plus, A211, A212, A213, A215, A215+, A261, A261+, A261FM, A292, A301, A316i, A35, A35FM, A36, A36+, A36FM, A37, A39, A5, A520 MT6735, A61, A611, A611+, A62, A62+, A66, A661, A68, A80, A831, A832, A833, A861, A931, A932, A933+, Amigo, Android, Aspire-A3-2019, Aspire-A5, Blade, BLADE L110, Blade-A110, Blade-A2-plus MT6755, Blade-A3-2019, Blade-A3-2019 sc9832e, Blade-A460, Blade-A5-Pro, Blade-A520, Blade-A520 MT6735, Blade-A520C, Blade-A7-2019RU sp9863a, Blade-G2, Blade-L110, Blade-L130, Blade-L130 sp7731e, Blade-L5, Blade-L8, Blade-Lux-Q, Blade-S, Blade-S6 MSM8936, Blade-V6-Plus, Blade-V7-Lite, C310, C332, C335, C632, Carl, Coral-200, E400, E810, E821S, F120, G-F120, G-N280, G-N281, G-N281-Negro, G-N290, G-N295, G-R220, G-R220-Lime, G-R221, G-R225, G-R230, G-R231, G-R235, G-R236, G-R236m, G-R620, G-S202, G-S212, G-S213, G-S215, G-S315, G-S516, G-T202, G-X671, G-X760, G-X930, G-X990, G-X991, Global-Z3, Grand-X-Pro, H500, i766, i766CN, i799, Kis-3, LaPoste, Libra, Link, Maxx, Mercury, Monte-Carlo, Movistar-Class, Movistar-Link, Movistar-Prime, N261, N280, N281, N281-Negro, N285, N290, N295, N61, Nubia-NX549J MSM8953, NX597J MT6735, P172R10, P726G, P729B, P729V, P733K, P733N, Q806T, R220, R220-Lime, R221, R225, R228, R230, R231, R235, R236, R236m, R250, R3100, R620, R622, R630P, R631, R791, R830, Racer, Raise, Rio-II, Roamer, RTK-D1, S202, S202-VTecla, S212, S213, S215, S315, S315+, S316+, S511, S516, S518m, S521, S751, Sage, SanFransisco-II, Skate, Smart-Netphone-701, SmartFren-Wide, Smartron-T5211, Star-Addict, Star-Trail, T202, T28, T610 MSM8909, T815, Telstra-Smart-Touch-T3020, Tureis, Turksell-T1, U983, V170-Austria, V795, V812-Skinny SP7715EA, V816W, V830, V852, V859, V875, V880, V880+, V887, V889M, V9-Tablet, V960, Vtelca-Vergetario5+, WP626, X60, X630, X632, X670, X671, X730, X760, X760+KP, X761, X850, X876, X930, X960, X990, X991, XCD35, Xiang, Z990, Z990g, Zong-Z3 sp9863a
ZYQ: Q638

Supported CDMA models - Infinity Box/Dongle package

Huawei: C2205, C2285, C506
Nokia: 1255
Motorola: C141c, W150, W150i, W170, W170C, W200, W210, W355
ZTE: Classic 201, 202, 203, 204, C335
Samsung: SCH-B139, SCH-B189, SCH-B239, SCH-B259, SCH-B279, SCH-B309, SCH-B319, SCH-B399, SCH-B619, SCH-E159, SCH-F302, SCH-F309, SCH-F679, SCH-S189, SCH-S229, SCH-S259, SCH-S269, SCH-S279, SCH-S299, SCH-S339, SCH-X609
Rainbow-mts: S189

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