Software Activation for Infinity-Box users:
- DC-Unlocker software
- GB-Key software
- GPG-Workshop software
- SPT-Box software
- Micro-Box software
- HUA Dongle software
- Asansam Box software
FREE for Infinity-Box users:
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): MTK/MediaTek
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): RDA/Coolsand
- Chinese Miracle-2 (Test Version): SPD/Spreadtrum

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Sales Department
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After sales and Technical support
Before send an e-mail to us please read:
- Infinity-Box user manual
- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Dongle/Smart-Card problems: dongle [at]
Damaged Dongle/Smart-Card replacement: card [at]
General technical questions: rd [at]
Infinity Online Service (IOS) questions: ios [at]
Send new Flash Files and Pinouts: files [at]
ICQ: 347191919
MSN/Live/Skype: InfinityHelp [at]
Yahoo: InfinityHelp [at]
Support Forum: in English

BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] Dongle
Web site:BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] Dongle
Technical support:info [at]
Support forum:in English

CDMA-Tool Dongle
Web site:CDMA-Tool Dongle
Technical support:info [at]
Support forum:in English

Language Pack & Resource Editor Dongle
Web site:Language Pack & Resource Editor Dongle
Technical support:lpe [at]
Support forum:in English  in Russian

Content Extractor Dongle
Web site:Content Extractor Dongle
Technical support:cex [at]
Support forum:in English

Technical Support Policy
   You will receive a reply to your question within 48 hours. Please, remember about time zone difference, holidays, weekends etc. In fact we works in non-stop mode 365/7/24 but in some cases we need some time to make an answer.
   In practice more than 80% of all queries are handled within just a few hours. Unlike many companies, we don't send any automated responses that usually don't help you much. Each support request is carefully read by our support staff and often discussed with the programmers to give you the most comprehensive answer possible.
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